Strong Single Moms…It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Dear Strong Single Moms,

How are you? Are you okay?

This pandemic has completely massacred the everyday norms. I’m sure you had your struggles before, and this pandemic has made it even worse.

Did you become mom and dad, caretaker, teacher and so much more?

Did you have to gauge whether or not to keep your job?

Do you have help raising your kids?

Are you struggling to find support or your “village”?

Are you having trouble finding a true work/life balance?

Are you thriving but concerned about how long you’ll be able to maintain it successfully?

All of this and more?

I am right with you…this pandemic has shifted everything for me too.

I am not a crier, but I have been crying before I go to sleep, while in the shower, and even while making dinner. I am a husk of what I used to be and it’s taking a significant toll on my ability to keep my head held high and cope. My interest in doing anything is similar to waves crashing onto the shore, it comes and goes. My focus is all over the place. I’m forgetting even the most basic of things.

The past couple of months has been the worst for me during this pandemic.

I am slowly recovering, though.

The haze is slowly lifting and I’m seeing the skies clear up from the fog.

I can’t say that every day is perfect, but it’s getting better.

My son is back at school full-time and I’ll be headed back to the office (even if only a few days a month) before you know it.

We are officially obliterating the norms and establishing new ones in its place.

We are growing, learning, and evolving every day.

I might be cracked and fragile from the pandemic, but I’m not completely broken.

I am excited to witness my lil man grow into an amazing, handsome, spirited young man.

Strong single moms…parents…it’s okay to not be okay.

Have that cry in the shower or before going to sleep.

Hug your kids a little bit tighter each day and night.

It will get better in time.

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