We Bought Our First House, Y’all!!!

Do you believe that God gives you signs or a direct push to get your act together or to accomplish a goal that you have in mind but don’t feel ready to bring to fruition?

I believe that was the case with purchasing our first home!

If you recall, in 2018, we made it a mission to find a house. I was willing to take just about anything within my price range as long as it was in our same town. My son was insistent that we remain in the same town and continue going to the same school, and I aimed to make sure it happened.

Two houses fell through, and disappointment hit me hard – so hard that I decided to give up on the cause. If it was meant to be, then it would happen at some point in time. We decided to take a step back and give it some time.

We moved from our 2nd floor apartment to the apartment directly below (we lived in a townhome style apartment complex). The apartment was massive and even had a basement area. But from the day that our new neighbors moved upstairs (which was about 3 months after we moved in) and the issues we experienced in the apartment, I knew that we had to move out.

The first set of neighbors would party almost every day. The music, yelling, running, laughing, screaming was just too much to bear. The noise would wake me up from a dead sleep many nights, and left me in a complete daze at home and at work. We complained numerous times to the property management, and after a year of ridiculousness, they finally moved out.

The next set of neighbors were equally as frustrating. There was domestic violence issues, the smell of marijuana through all of our air vents especially the ones in the bathroom, a 2-year old child who ran and jumped on the hardwood floors (remind you, they were above us) ALL DAY LONG. This was in the peak of the pandemic so we were home all day, trying to cope with the every day and balance work and remote schooling.

The apartment, as beautiful as it is, was a complete money pit. We had water in the basement on a regular basis, oversized crickets that would eat through our stuff, things would fall apart and maintenance (at the behest of the management company) would only apply a bandage on the issues rather than a permanent solution.

The frustration was real! It was time…we had to buy a house!!!

Luckily, the market was ablaze at the time which made it easier (and harder) to find and buy a house. We knew what we wanted – at least 3 bedrooms, at least 2 bathrooms, an open main living area space – kitchen, living room and dining room, a family room, a garage, and a decent size backyard…

After 2 weeks of searching, we found the house, our house – a 3-story end unit townhouse, 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms and 2 half bathrooms, garage, open living room and dining room, a beautiful kitchen (once completely renovated, of course) with a large enough area for a kitchenette, family room, and huge backyard and side yard.

Family Room
Open Living and Dining Room
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3
Side and Back Yard

To commemorate nearly a year (next month will make a year as a new homeowner!), I wanted to share our experience in our new house.

Maybe next month we’ll share how our house looks now…it looks nothing like it did! 🙂

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