Thursday was like any other day (or so I thought)…I dropped Micah off to school, went to work, left work, picked Micah up from school, and headed home after grabbing a few things from the grocery store for dinner.

During the drive home to the grocery store, Micah had a strange look on his face. Every time I asked him what was wrong, he would just reply that he was thinking (THINKING??!! This isn’t good!).  Instead of asking more questions, I left him to his thoughts, but I knew something big was coming.

We drove home from the grocery store and he continued to have a strange look on his face, but I let it go.  When we arrived home, he helped me with the groceries and finally after it was all done, we both sat on the sofa with an umph!

Finally, he looks over at me and says:

MICAH: Mommy…I don’t want to wear diapers anymore!

ME: Oh really, that’s great! What do you want to wear?

MICAH: I want to wear underwear!

ME: Really???!!! Yeah!!! Give me a high five big boy!

MICAH: (slaps my hand in a high five) Yeah, I’m a big boy!!!


And that was the beginning…the period of time where I came to realize that my little boy had grown into a big boy. No longer would we have to run to the store to buy a big pack of diapers which was the equivalent of my work lunch budget for the week.  I started envisioning how I could save that little bit of money each month, and probably get him something nice once he was fully potty trained.  I imagined it all, when suddenly it dawned on me…CRAP! I HAVE TO GET HIM POTTY TRAINED!

And the craziness ensued…we have spent most of our evenings and all day both days this weekend in the bathroom.  I’ll be in the midst of washing dishes or taking a shower and he’d announce that he had to go potty.  The way we ran in the bathroom each time (or in the case of the shower, jump out of the tub without falling on my face) could match a marathon runner.

Since he was just learning, I didn’t want to take the chance that he couldn’t hold it for even a second.  I could sometimes tell by the look on his face that he was debating whether or not he had to go to the potty, and there are few times where I beat him to the punch and asked him if he had to go. And each time he would agree, so we take off to the bathroom again.

We went out late Sunday afternoon for the first time all weekend to take the trash out to the dumpster.  As soon as we arrived to the dumpster, he announced that he had to go potty. CRAP! I picked him up and we took off running, with him giggling the entire way.  I told him to stop laughing before he peed himself, but he just couldn’t stop. The whole thing was too hilarious for him to stop.  We did make it in time, though, so I was proud of my running skills and his holding skills while cracking up and bouncing up and down.

It’s now Wednesday…and I’m proud to say that he’s gone accident free (well at least at home) since we started this whole process. He’s had a few minor accidents at school, but that’s a completely different environment. I’m sure he doesn’t want to leave his friends or stop playing. And he’ll wait until the last minute to indicate that he has to go to the potty. With 7-10 kids at any given time, it’s tough for his teachers to get him to the potty right away. In time, it will get better.

Either way, I’m just proud of my little man taking the great step towards finalizing his potty training experience and I’m finally coming to an end of the potty training torture.

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