Another part of my mission to get things back to basics is to enjoy the Jersey shore. With us living within an hour of any boardwalk on the Jersey shore, it is so great to just jump in the car and visit the Jersey shore for the afternoon.  We always have tons of fun, whether we go into the water or not.  There is just so much to do at the Jersey Shore.

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Titi, Momo, Micah and I headed out to Seaside Heights for the afternoon a few weeks ago.  It was the first official day of summer (yeah I know, I’m way behind on my family fun posts lol) and it was a beautiful summer day. The temperature at Seaside Heights was a cool 75 degrees, cool enough to need a light jacket, but you could easily be warmed by the sunshine.  We found parking quite easily and we started our walk down the lengthy boardwalk.

Micah looked around in amazement and amusement…he was so incredibly happy that day! He wanted to see and touch everything around him. He was in full exploration mode!

Epic Mommy Adventures

We watched several volleyball games, and Micah even got on his first carnival rides.  I was very surprised but Micah is finally 36″ and could ride some of the kiddie rides. In the past, he was unable to ride because he was too short.  Micah happily grabbed Momo’s hand and they both enjoyed the Kiddie Speedway! Momo wasn’t necessarily happy to be getting on this kiddie ride, but she did it for Micah. That’s love!

Micah also got on a race car carousel – he wasn’t happy about the ride at all and cried the entire time.

We continued walking through the boardwalk, enjoying the sights and activity.  And we even had pizza and hotdogs at the Three Brothers Pizza restaurant (there’s 3 of them on the boardwalk).


Here are some more of the things that we’ve done so far this summer on our mission to getting back to the basics:

Enjoy Fun In The Sun This Summer!

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