Xfinity Offers All Your Entertainment Needs in One Place! #XFINITYMOMS

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Xfinity.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have been an Xfinity customer for years…even when I cancelled my cable service a few years ago, I continued to use Xfinity for phone and internet service.  I was cable-free for about 3 years, and finally about 6 months ago, I decided to make the leap back into cable TV.  A lot has changed in 3 years!!! Xfinity has evolved exponentially in the past few years. I was invited to visit a local Xfinity Store to … [Read more...]

Bugging Out: 4 Ways To Keep Pests From Ruining Your Summer {Guest Post}

The summer months are an ideal time for being more active outdoors and enjoy fresh air, sunshine and great views with family and friends. However, the one thing that can ruin your time outdoors in a matter of minutes is a pest issue. Everything from bees, termites and wasps to ants, mosquitoes and more are common in many areas of the country and beyond. Whether your summer plans include spending time in your backyard or in a distant location on an amazing vacation, you can easily follow these … [Read more...]

Is Your Child’s School a Safe Zone? 4 Points to Consider {Guest Post}

The first day at a new school can be a frightening moment for parent and child alike. Your children's safety should be one of your top priorities. Therefore, it is imperative that their school is one that understands the importance of safety for all children. Even beyond emergencies, schools should be probably equipped and staff should be properly trained to handle any sort of risk factors that may come up. Here are four points to consider when evaluating whether your child's school is a safe … [Read more...]

Single Moms, Being Fit Just Got Simpler with These Easy Tips {Guest Post}

  Source:   Late for work? Got crying kids? Dog spilled the laundry? Lunch not packed yet? How many times in a week do you go through these crazy ‘mommy-moments’ when all you want to do is drop everything aside, yell and just run? Probably 5 out of 7 days.   Understandably then, where does fitness figure into this scheme of things? Motherhood is difficult, and being a single mother is … [Read more...]

4 Ways Parents Can Teach Their Children Safe Sports Practices {Guest Post}

Playing sports is ideal for your child's physical, social and emotional development. Injuries are a reality in every type of sport. With care and education, many sports injuries can be prevented. When your child is engaged in an individual or team sport, it is important to teach these four safe sports practices. Providing Proper Protective Gear As a parent, you can provide your child with the proper protective gear for the sport that he or she is playing. It is also important to show your … [Read more...]

7 Essential Travel Tips For Moms With Babies {Guest Post}

When you have a baby at home, traveling seems like an impossible goal. Going on the average car trip used to be an easy task but now with one or more kids in tow, every trip out the door seems like a risk. While there's more than one way to make these trips low-stress, use these essential tips to get the most out of your trip.   1. Buy Disposable Onesies This is a great piece of advice if you're traveling with a 1-6 month baby. Cleaning up in the car is just as hard as it sounds. Save … [Read more...]

Turn It Up Tuesday #191 – Summer’s Here!

Welcome to a new week on Turn It Up Tuesday everyone! Thank you for sharing all of your amazing posts with us as we celebrated Father's Day! This week, we'll be celebrating Summer! - so be sure to share all of your amazing posts, including activities, trip ideas, and much more! We'd like to thank you in advance for partying with us and sharing all of your amazing posts with us - we LOVE checking them all out!  If you've been here before, thank you for coming back!  And if you're new … [Read more...]

How to Mend Your Kids’ Bumps and Bruises without the Doctor {Guest Post}

Most kids are active, climbing, running and jumping all over the place. From time to time, a child will get a bump or bruise that stops all the fun. Instead of making a trip to the pediatrician's office for a minor issue, you can use these four steps to help your child feel better at home. Resting and Elevating the Affected Area Resting and elevating the affected area helps to slow down swelling. It also reduces the chances that your child will re-injure the area. Use a pillow to elevate … [Read more...]

A Sweet Giveaway – Anyonita Nibbles’ 7th Blog Birthday!

To celebrate Anyonita Nibbles's 7th blog birthday, I, along with 5 other fantastic food bloggers, will give you the chance to win $50 USD in cash paid via Paypal!! What would you do with $50 cash???? I'm so thankful to have teamed up with my blogging tribe to offer you this giveaway! Here's a little bit more about us and our blogs: Ronda is a family-friendly food blogger at Kitchen Dreaming, who can show you how to take the foods your family loves and make them quicker & easier to … [Read more...]

The Top Five Best Online Degrees for Single Parents {Guest Post}

Providing for a family can be a challenge in today's competitive market, but doing so as a single unit presents a unique set of challenges. Luckily, there are many online learning programs that cater to the single parent. These degrees offer flexible schedules and the opportunity to improve your earning potential for your family. Here are a few of the best online degrees on the market. Graphic Design Graphic design is a great route for any single parent with a knack for creative … [Read more...]