9 Gifts NOT To Buy My Son for Christmas

A few weeks ago, my friends and I sat around the booth at our local TGI Friday's and we were chatting about all things Christmas. I asked, "What are you buying my son  for Christmas?" I really don’t know why I asked the question, because I knew the response would leave me trying to stab them with my stare. "We were thinking about buying a drum set." Have my friends completely lost their minds? Obviously they must have lost their minds. Even if it was meant as a joke, it wasn't funny at … [Read more...]

A Single Mom’s Thanksgiving: How 7 Single Moms Spent Thanksgiving This Year

In the past 6 months, I have met an incredible number of single moms through my blog. Some have blogs of their own, and others just were seeking advice for their own single mom experiences. In no way do I pretend to be an expert on all things about being a single parent, but I offer the one thing that many of their friends cannot - someone to listen to them that's experiencing the same thing. It's rare to meet other single parents - for numerous reasons. I have 2 friends of my own that are … [Read more...]

Yes, I’m An African-American Woman and Single Mom…But I’m More Than Just A Statistic

The other day while at work while driving off to sleep at my desk at work (hey, it happens to all of us at some point!), a woman that I work with (we work at the same company, but we don't work in the same department) had a peculiar question for me:  "Don't you feel weird being a statistic?" What do you mean? I asked. Well being an African-American woman, and a single mom. Don't you feel weird fitting into that statistic? she questioned. The precursor to the question was a series of … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About Sex, and the Single Mom

First and foremost, I don't talk about sex - it's just not one of those things that I share with the people around me, and I haven't really touched on it here on the blog at all. I'm going to try to break a record today and test how many times I can say sex in this post - I never talk about it. It's so incredibly weird, but I feel the desire to share today.   Sex is taboo...especially when it comes to the single mom. If she's having sex, it's expected that she beware so that she … [Read more...]

National Work & Family Month

Have you ever heard about National Work & Family Month? I hadn't heard about it either, until Sarah from Me Plus 3 Today  asked me to submit a guest post all about balancing work & family life, since she had recently started a new series called Work-Life Wednesday series. It's a great series - and I'm enjoying every post so far, especially since my guest post is the 2nd post in the series. :) If you're interested in learning more about National Work & Family Month, check out … [Read more...]

#BoyMoms with Chasin Mason

For the past week, I have been writing guest posts for some reasons, but I'm quite enjoying it. I love being able to have a writing prompt, and to share my thoughts on other blogs. This one was particularly fun for me because I got to share why I love being a mom of a boy! The #BoyMoms series is a fun series on Chasin' Mason where moms of boys share their amazing stories of raising boys. When I first heard about the series, I was excited to share my story. I just love being one of the … [Read more...]

Yep, He’s Still In My Bed: A Co-Sleeping Update

When I first wrote about my co-sleeping experience back when I first started blogging, I had never expected that I would still be going through it almost 2 years later. Yep, you read that right - Micah is still in my bed.   I kept going back and forth with the idea of getting him back into his bed, but when he turned 3, I really made up my mind to start trying again.  In an instant, he became so a wild sleeper - I haven't gotten smacked in the face, kicked in the back, head-butted, you name … [Read more...]

Mom-cation: A Mini Vacation from Caring for Your Child

I know what it sounds like - it sounds as though you are attempting to escape your responsibilities as a mom. But that's not the case at all - it's about understanding the need for a break from your children, so you can return rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to tackle whatever may come your way. As a single mom, it's so rare that I have the opportunity to take advantage of a mini-vacation, or "Mom-cation", as I like to call it.  So one day, when I was able to take one of those special … [Read more...]

Beware! I’m Potty Training A Boy: Tips for Success!

Once upon a time, I wished for a manual to help me to know what to expect when I was expecting. There was a book, of course, but it could never truly prepare me for what to expect.  Then, I wished for a manual to help me manage being a single mom. There are tons of those, but none that could truly tell you what to expect until you experience it. Finally, I wished for a manual to help me with potty training.  I've found several, but once again none that would truly prepare me for what to expect … [Read more...]

Mommy Meltdown: Easter Egg Hunt in the Toilet Bowl

Happy Belated Easter everyone! I hope that you all had a relaxing and enjoyable time with family and friends.  I personally enjoyed the time with my son this weekend. So you might be wondering...what's up with the Easter Egg hunt in the toilet? Well, I'll tell you.  It actually started on Wednesday...Micah's teacher called me at work saying that Micah had a fever of 102. I left work and sped off to his school to grab him. I hate it when Micah is sick - I always panic and get a bit freaked … [Read more...]