Dear New Single Mom…

Dear New Single Mom.... As I sit here cuddling my 4-year old son as he drifts off to sleep, I thought of you... I wondered how you must be feeling, what worries you may have, and just all-in-all how you are doing.  I wish that I knew you personally so I could embrace you and let you know that it will all be okay.  Even on your best day, you may still need that hug for reassurance that you're moving in the right direction.  Because let's be honest - sometimes we wonder that, right? Only … [Read more...]

Ask Epic Mommy: My Mom Undermines Me In Front of My Child…What Should I Do?

  QUESTION: I am a single mom to a seven year old gem I call Bubba. My mom helps me take care of Bubba. She babysits when I work, and helps provide for Bubba financially. She is a wonderful help, no doubt about it. However, I have noticed that my mother undermines my authority when it comes to disciplining or setting rules for Bubba. For example, Bubba's bed time is 9 pm sharp and when I go to let Bubba know it's time for bed, her grandmother will say " Why can't she go to bed at ten? … [Read more...]

5 Toughest Single Parenting Challenges and Ways to Handle Them {Guest Post}

Have you ever wondered what life as a superhero must be like? Ensuring that there’s peace all around, being there to ease everybody’s dilemmas and to take the responsibility for the wellness of an entire town on your shoulders isn’t a regular individual’s cup of tea. Unless, of course, if you are a single parent. No matter how emotionally gratifying it is to raise your beautiful little child, single parenting feels no less than overseeing a village! You’re constantly on guard supervising, … [Read more...]

Ask Epic Mommy: How Do I Get My Child’s Father to Co-Parent Effectively?

QUESTION: I have a 3 year old, and a single parent but in a relationship with a different man. My daughter's father and I barely speak, I try to talk about our daughter and how we do things with her but he never hears me out. He leaves me talking by myself. The only time we really got along and communicated more was when he had a girl friend. But now its just he picks her up and drops her off without a word. He's very inconsistent and when its his weekend doesn't even let me know he can't get … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Is Not Only About Fathers

Father's Day is always one of those tricky holidays.  It calls out to the fact that 1) I am a single mother, 2) Micah's father is not engaged in his daily life, and 3) the need to explain the two to those that are trying to figure things out. It is also the time where I have to put on my big girl panties and just accept these realities. It is what it is, and people are bound to ask about it.  It is the reality of the life that I am living. I always forget about the upcoming holiday … [Read more...]

Ask Epic Mommy: My Children’s Father Ignores Me…What Should I Do?

QUESTION: The father of my children ignores me. I believe he still holds a grudge about our breakup. Its been 5 years since we split. I believe he wants power and control over my life. We went to court in 2011 and he recieved full custody of our children. He works second shift. Both children are school aged and he only sees them in the morning before school and when he gets off work but by then they're asleep. His mother and girlfriend alternate taking care of our children the majority of the … [Read more...]

Ask Epic Mommy: I’m At My Wit’s End…What Do I Do?

QUESTION: My partner and I have a 10 month old beautiful son. Whom we both love very much. However I feel as if the love between us is fading and fast. My partner has even said he thinks he is only staying with me for the baby. Yet he doesn't do Jack to help with our son I'm lost and at my wit's end please push me in the right direction. EPIC MOMMY RESPONSES: My response: The most troubling part of your question, at least from my perspective, is that your partner is not doing anything to … [Read more...]

Ask Epic Mommy: I Have No Finances and I’m About To Be A Single Mom…What Do I Do?

  QUESTION: I'm scared. Plain and simple. It's looking like I'll be a single mom with a tiny bit of input from the father. I don't know how to do it. I'm not even sure if I should go with the adoption route or not. I'm in a small space with 4 other people (immediate family) and to bring a baby in would take space away from them. I don't know what to do. Do you have any advice for a mom-to-be with no finances? EPIC MOMMY RESPONSES: My response: It's normal to be scared...this is a … [Read more...]

Ask Epic Mommy: I Feel As Though He Puts Our Daughter Last, But I Need His Help. What Should I Do?

    QUESTION: Hi, I'm a single mother of a beautiful 3 month old baby girl. Now I've been trying to successfully do the co parenting thing with child's father, but he is so difficult childish n selfish. He ask to see our daughter only on weekends, doesn't provide financially and when I ask him once in a while to watch her he comes up with something why he can't but wants me to give her him on the days he ask. I'm tired of the half ass from him. I feel as though he puts his … [Read more...]

How To Forgive Your Baby Daddy…And Forgive Yourself in the Process

The process of forgiveness started last year (read more here), where I took the time to realize WHY I should forgive my son's father.  Forgiveness does not come easily though. You worry about things such as, "Does he deserve to be forgiven?" "Is it even worth it?" "I still hate him, though..." "He works my ever-lasting nerves..." Trust me, I completely understand. Every time I see my son's father with that smug look on his face, as though he could have me back in a second when all I want is for … [Read more...]