Tips for Successful Co-Parenting {Guest Post}

Holly speaks about raising kids, organizing the home and saving money on her blog, Bonza Brats. She is a friend of this blog and loves to share insights about her love for family, children and homemaking. Divorce is hard as it is. Separating from your partner and completely starting over is one thing, while maintaining a relationship with a child is something else. When a marriage ends and divorce is the only way to go, co-parenting is an important issue that partners must discuss if … [Read more...]

Phone Calls, Promises, and Popsicles – Oh My! How My Son Connects with His Daddy

It's been about 5 months since we've seen Micah's father, and even longer since Micah has asked for him, so it was quite the surprise when Micah asked to speak to him the other day. We were just sitting around 2 weekends ago when Micah announced that he wanted to call his Daddy. Well, I wasn't going to turn him down because I never want to give him the impression that he couldn't call his father, so I made the call.  Micah only spoke to his father for a few minutes but the intent was clear - … [Read more...]

How Would You Handle This Awkward Phone Call?

The other day I received an unexpected phone call...and honestly, I'm still trying to process it several days later. I got a call from my son's paternal grandmother... We haven't had the best of relationships, for obvious reasons.  She is truly an enabler of her son, almost to the degree that she feels that he does no wrong.  Understandably, that is her only child and he's a boy, but still right is right and wrong is wrong. But, hey, to each it's own.  Either way, I am not one to ignore or … [Read more...]

I Can’t Take It Anymore! : Tips to End Baby Daddy Drama – Part 2

As I mentioned in Part One,  I've experienced my share of baby daddy drama and I hoping that these tips will help you to end, or avoid, baby daddy drama in your life.  Today, I have some more tips to help guide you through the experience, especially if you want to build a healthy and positive co-parenting relationship for your child. Let's start where we left off! 4. Stop allowing your child's father back into your head and your heart. As you've probably read in many of my other posts, … [Read more...]

I Can’t Take It Anymore! : Tips to End Baby Daddy Drama

Co-parenting is not for every set of parents raising a child separately. It really isn't.  You can't force a positive and healthy co-parenting relationship if both parties aren't willing to work together to make it work.  If one party is not active and engaged, disrespectful or inappropriate - trust me, the healthy and positive co-parenting relationship will diminish very quickly. Instead it will become an unhealthy impact on your child's life. I have tried - Lord knows I've tried - to have a … [Read more...]

90% of Being a Dad is Just Showing Up…

It has been some time since I have really shared anything about Micah's father, but today, I felt the need to share... Micah has not seen or heard from his father in a little over a month.  Coincidentally, it ties in with when the weather started getting nice outside, so I'm sure he's out riding motorcycles and has no interest or desire in spending time with his child. … [Read more...]

Why I Forgave My Baby Daddy…and Why You Should Forgive Yours Too

When I decided to start sharing advice for other single moms, I never expected the outpouring of support and the numerous e-mails from single moms hoping to get some advice from me on their particular situations. Many times, we just speak about each other's situations and find solace in having someone to listen to that understands and you can relate to. But many times there are numerous questions asked, and although I am no expert, I have so many thoughts about single parenting and the path to … [Read more...]

Momma’s Baby…Daddy’s Maybe…

I remember the first time my son's father told me this... I was a few months pregnant and concerned about how I would be as a mom and whether or not our relationship would last. I worried if he would play an active role in our son's life. I worried if I would end up being a single mom, especially since he was so distant thus far. And you know what his response was?   Momma's baby...daddy's maybe.   This saying is an old southern saying, meaning that women have to face … [Read more...]

Therapy Session: I’m An Emotional Wreck Right Now

Tonight, Micah went to his father's house for his weekend visitation... It's been a month since he has been with his father, and I anticipated that it would be difficult, but I couldn't imagine how difficult it would be. As you may have heard, Winter Storm Hercules hit the Northeast pretty bad, dumping almost 6 inches of snow in my area. Add the subzero temperatures and it is a mixture for horrible conditions. Because of this, I hesitated driving Micah over to his father's house. I was … [Read more...]

Christmas Came A Little Early This Year

Before I get the boos from those excited about Christmas Day, let me explain -- I had no choice in the matter! So...I bought all of these Christmas presents for Micah, which all turned out to need assembling and not just with the average tools, but with power tools. I don't have any of those, so I reached out to Micah's daddy to assemble all of the toys. I actually asked him right after I got all of the presents - the week after Thanksgiving to be exact. I told him that I didn't want Micah to … [Read more...]