Single Parents Have All the Love #Sponsored

*Disclaimer: I received compensation in exchange for writing this post on, in celebration of National Single Parents Day.  Any parent can agree that parenting is tough. It is a challenging and complex experience that requires every fiber of your being, and although at times you can become overwhelmed and exhausted by it, you would never trade it for the world. Being a single parent is no different. The added level of complexity comes with the fact that you’re handling most, if not all, … [Read more...]

The Power of One: Tips for Thriving as a Single Parent {Guest Post}

Being a parent is hard. As much as we would like, there isn't a handy manual that tells us everything we need to know. For those who are lucky enough to play the primary role in your child(ren)’s upbringing, things can be twice as tough and there still isn't a manual to help us through. However, there are few things that can help make being a single parent a little easier on you and your child(ren). Remember That You and Your Child(ren) are Unique The internet is full of want-to-be … [Read more...]

I (No Longer) Resent My Baby Daddy

If I am completely honest with myself, I can admit that I resented my son's father for quite some time. We both had a part in making our son, yet he gets to go off and just live his life as he chooses while I had to become a full-time parent and caregiver.  I felt that I had to put all of my dreams and goals on hold to be a parent, while he had to do nothing at all.  I would replay the feelings of betrayal and frustration that I harbored in regards to our relationship and his lack of involvement … [Read more...]

I’m At The End of My Rope with My Baby Daddy…What Should I Do? #AskEpicMommy

  QUESTION: Hiya I have never wrote in sites before it even know this is safe or worthwhile? But I'm so lost when it comes to my baby daddy I have no one to talk to properly as everyone around me seems to have perfect baby daddy's. My child's father is a great dad when he wants to be but its only ever me making him take my daughter I'm always the one to ask and a lot of the time he makes excuses. When he takes her it has to be in my place as he has been in trouble with drugs and I … [Read more...]

Sharing and Caring: Tips for Peaceful Co-Parenting {Guest Post}

It isn’t uncommon for co-parenting to go wrong immediately after a split happens. If both parents remain committed to keeping their children’s needs first, a peaceful co-parenting solution can be achieved. Here are several tips for peaceful co-parenting. Taking a Co-Parenting Class Taking a parenting class may seem like an odd approach to co-parenting, but it is actually helpful to many families. While many courts require that couples complete these courses, parents can still benefit from … [Read more...]

My Baby Daddy Only Shows Interest When I Need Him…What Should I Do? #AskEpicMommy

QUESTION: My baby's father left the U.S. when my son was one month old. We had hoped to still keep working things together but I broke things off because he either refused to help or only gave excuses when I asked. I have had to move to a different state with nothing more to my name than my son and, while I am very grateful for my parents for allowing my son and I to stay, I am so very angry with him. He has sent me a message saying he wants to talk things through and come down for his birthday … [Read more...]

Deep Breaths: Your Guide for Handling Divorce Stress Gracefully {Guest Post}

The decision to divorce is never an easy one, especially if you’ve been married to your partner a significant number of years. While you may be filled with strong emotions and a lot of stress, the following guide offers healthier ways to cope with this new change of life and the stress that can come with the divorce process. Do Your Research A lot of thought, soul searching, planning, and preparation go into a divorce, so you’ll want to ensure you do your homework ahead of time. If you’ve … [Read more...]

10 Easy & Simple Christmas Eve Traditions for Single Moms

It's officially Christmas Eve...which means in less than 24 hours, we will be celebrating Christmas with our loved ones. I have been particularly out of sorts these past weeks coming up to the holidays. I don't know why specifically, but I just couldn't get into the Holiday spirit.  But Christmas eve is here, and I'm finally in the mood to relax and enjoy the holidays. I've been on staycation all week. It has been a much-needed relaxing experience, especially since for the past few months it … [Read more...]

Family Finances: How to Budget as a Single Parent {Guest Post}

Unless you have two jobs, work several hours or have a substantial income, being a single parent can hit the wallet hard sometimes. Depending on how many children you have, there are some weeks that you might find all of your money tossed away to things that they need, such as clothes, shoes and other essentials. There are a few ways that you can create a budget as a single parent while still being able to give your children the things that they need and want. Create A Budget The first … [Read more...]

Ask Epic Mommy: My Child’s Father Has Been Clean For One Month and Wants To See Our Child..What Should I Do?

QUESTION: Hi, I am a fairly new single mom to a soon to be 3 year old little boy. I left my son's father a few months ago because I found out he was doing drugs. Since that time he has been in and out of jail for theft. He has stolen from me. We were together for 13 years and never held down any job. I always supported both of us. Then our son came along and you would of thought he would have grown up but no he got worse!! He wrecked 3 of my vehicles in 2 years and I found out he was doing … [Read more...]