What You Need To Know About Your Child’s Healthcare Needs

Our children’s health is probably the most important thing to us as parents. It’s not just an inconvenience when our kids feel under the weather. It can really tug at the heartstrings knowing the child we love is suffering, even if it’s just a sniffle. We feel that parental instinct to want to wrap them up and hold them to make them feel better. But it’s not just coughs and colds we need to be wary of. Our kids need rounded healthcare provisions to ensure their bodies are working and … [Read more...]

The Power of One: Tips for Thriving as a Single Parent {Guest Post}

Being a parent is hard. As much as we would like, there isn't a handy manual that tells us everything we need to know. For those who are lucky enough to play the primary role in your child(ren)’s upbringing, things can be twice as tough and there still isn't a manual to help us through. However, there are few things that can help make being a single parent a little easier on you and your child(ren). Remember That You and Your Child(ren) are Unique The internet is full of want-to-be … [Read more...]

Children and Contact Lenses: Are They Right For My Child?

It’s very common for young children to be diagnosed with either long or short sightedness. Most schools will test children’s sight on a regular basis, but sometimes small toddlers who have sight issues may need to wear glasses. There may be a few tears and tantrums to begin with, your child will eventually get come around to the idea of wearing glasses on a regular basis. There are many reasons children may not wish to wear glasses. All of them valid, from being teased at school, to them … [Read more...]

Should My Child be Tested? When Behavioral Problems Warrant a Closer Look {Guest Post}

Parents like to believe they can understand and manage their children, no matter what comes their way. However, an increasing number of parents are overwhelmed and baffled by their children’s behavioral issues. Could there be an underlying medical condition responsible for the child’s bizarre and/or bad behavior? What are the signs that a professional assessment is needed? Many disorders are believed to be caused by abnormal functioning of certain types of brain chemicals or … [Read more...]

Be Good to Yourself: Inexpensive Ideas for Treating Yourself

As a single mom, your entire life is wrapped around your child(ren).  You don't have time or energy to think about anything that does not directly impact your child's life.  You ensure that everything runs smoothly so your child can have the best life that they can have.  But it's okay to take a moment to think of yourself too. I want to treat myself big time, but it's extremely hard to do so right now. Instead, I have to find inexpensive ways to treat myself in small ways on an average day. … [Read more...]

I (No Longer) Resent My Baby Daddy

If I am completely honest with myself, I can admit that I resented my son's father for quite some time. We both had a part in making our son, yet he gets to go off and just live his life as he chooses while I had to become a full-time parent and caregiver.  I felt that I had to put all of my dreams and goals on hold to be a parent, while he had to do nothing at all.  I would replay the feelings of betrayal and frustration that I harbored in regards to our relationship and his lack of involvement … [Read more...]

Why children can tolerate the cold {Guest Post}

  Remember how, as a child, you'd play your days away in the snow? The sun would move overhead from its mid-noon position to late afternoon and you'd never be bored of building one snow fort after the other, digging underground tunnels, or rolling avalanche-triggering-sized snowballs. Now, do you ever remember feeling cold even after spending hours upon hours outdoors? Most likely not, but while we may have been too preoccupied with avoiding snowballs targeted at us from our siblings, … [Read more...]

Cutting the Cord…One Year Later!

It's officially been a year since we made the big cut -- cancelling our cable that is! If you asked me 2 years ago whether or not I would be able to successfully survive without cable for an entire year, I would have said absolutely not. There was no way that I would be able to survive without watching some of my favorite television shows live (who am I kidding? I lived on DVR!).  Now, there are so many options for cord cutters that it almost seems insane for us to continue having cable … [Read more...]

I’m At The End of My Rope with My Baby Daddy…What Should I Do? #AskEpicMommy

  QUESTION: Hiya I have never wrote in sites before it even know this is safe or worthwhile? But I'm so lost when it comes to my baby daddy I have no one to talk to properly as everyone around me seems to have perfect baby daddy's. My child's father is a great dad when he wants to be but its only ever me making him take my daughter I'm always the one to ask and a lot of the time he makes excuses. When he takes her it has to be in my place as he has been in trouble with drugs and I … [Read more...]

Top Tips on Teaching Your Child to Swim {Guest Post}

(Image credit: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3c/Girl_with_styrofoam_swimming_board.jpg) Swimming is a popular sport among children and most kids cannot wait to jump into the pool when they see it. However, doing so can be dangerous if they can’t swim. One of the best ways of ensuring that your child stays safe in the swimming pool is by teaching him how to swim. However, do not assume that every child takes to the swimming pool like fish take to water. Several shudder at … [Read more...]