An Unexpected Visit with Daddy

It is always unexpected to hear from Micah's Daddy...and it's even more unexpected for him to fulfill one of Micah's requests. But there's always room for a little unexpected surprise, and I'm always incredibly happy when I can make even the simplest of Micah's wishes to come true. Micah has had a fascination with trains for a very long time.  Even before he fully understood what they did and how they worked, he was fascinated with them. Every time we would cross some train tracks, his eyes … [Read more...]

Interesting educational games and activities for 5 year olds {Guest Post}

Science games and activities are great if you want to introduce a child to a complex topic. Here are a few games and activities that will introduce 5 year olds to aerodynamics, static electricity, and chemical reactions. Static electricity We often experience static electricity around us, but find it difficult to explain to kids. Introduce your 5-year-old to the concept of static electricity with this great activity. You will need: Tissue paper Plastic ruler Scissors A … [Read more...]

Yuggler: It’s All About Kids Activities {Product Review}

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I am conducting a review of this product, Yuggler, and am being compensated for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Have you ever been on a trip with your children and didn't know what was available around you to enjoy with them? Have you been going to the same places with your kids but interested in finding something new and different? Did you move to a new town and unsure of where to take your children for an outing? Then, Yuggler is perfect for … [Read more...]

Reading Brightstart! : Happy Readers, Happy Kids – Part 2

*Disclaimer:  We were gifted reading readiness products from Nemours in exchange for an honest review. However, all opinions are my own.** Earlier this month, I shared that we got some goodies from Nemours in support of a great new initiative, Reading Brightstart (read the post here!). But I didn't dive in too much into the products that we received. Since I absolutely love sharing about books that we've read, I wanted to share more details about the books we received in this post. Beyond the … [Read more...]

4 Tech-free Quiet Time Activities for Your Kids

As much as it's important to foster enthusiasm and energy in kids, the ability for them to have quiet time is important too. It helps them to learn to concentrate on a task and spend as much time thinking as talking. Plus, they learn that they can have fun without making lots of noise. And if that's not enough, it's a nice break for their parents too. It's all too easy to hand your toddler an iPad or put them in front of the TV when you want some peace and quiet. That's fine for small amounts of … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday Tell-All Linky Party #5

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Are you ready to dig in tomorrow for Thanksgiving Day? I am! My lil man has been sick for the past couple of days, and I'm looking forward to him feeling better so we can enjoy Thanksgiving with our friends and family. And soon enough we'll be traveling to Florida for Christmas - which unbelievably is only a few short weeks away! Before we get to the party, check out these posts: Wake Up Wednesday Linky that we're both co-hosting with Sew Crafty Angel here. … [Read more...]

Planning for Holiday Shopping & Travel with my #IntelTablet

#spon: I'm required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel. This could include the Intel Corporation providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment. Usually, we spend Christmas at home - just me and Micah. We spend the day eating a hefty breakfast, opening Christmas presents, playing with all the toys, and finally watching Holiday-themed movies and shows. This year will be a little different, though. We'll actually be spending Christmas in Florida with my mom - … [Read more...]

The Rhino Who Swallowed A Storm {Book Review}

**Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book, The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm by Levar Burton & Susan Schaefer Bernardo, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.** Have you heard of LeVar Burton? I'm sure you have...because you've probably heard or seen Reading Rainbow at some point in your life. But have you also heard about Susan Schaefer Bernardo? You should, because I wrote a review for another one of her books - Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs - back in March for National … [Read more...]

A Beautiful Autumn Day In Pictures

For the past few years, I have gone through the same process for getting our pictures taken - scheduling an appointment at the local portrait studio, finding a couple of outfits for the occasion, and sitting through a little over an hour of Micah fighting with the photographer as they try to make him smile and pose and laugh. It's been that way since he was born and we started the picture-taking sessions when he turned a month old. This year, I wanted to do something different... I wanted … [Read more...]

Friendsgiving with Netflix #StreamTeam

**Disclosure: I am currently a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and received a yearlong Netflix subscription and iPad mini in exchange for monthly blog posts. All thoughts and opinions are my own.** Let me share a little bit about the Netflix #StreamTeam. I received an e-mail stating that I was hand-selected to join the Netflix Stream Team, Netflix's exclusive blogger network. As a member, you'll receive monthly themed title suggestions as well as content-inspired crafts and recipes that … [Read more...]