Xfinity Offers All Your Entertainment Needs in One Place! #XFINITYMOMS

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I have been an Xfinity customer for years…even when I cancelled my cable service a few years ago, I continued to use Xfinity for phone and internet service.  I was cable-free for about 3 years, and finally about 6 months ago, I decided to make the leap back into cable TV.  A lot has changed in 3 years!!! Xfinity has evolved exponentially in the past few years.

I was invited to visit a local Xfinity Store to participate in a #XfinityMoms event (my first one!) to learn all about the great new things that Xfinity is offering its customers.


Xfinity Mobile

You may not have heard about Xfinity Mobile, or if you did, you may not know much about it…but it’s true Xfinity offers cell phone service.  If you’re a current Xfinity customer, you can leverage your internet service and access to Xfinity’s WiFi service to take advantage of a new mobile experience.

Xfinity Mobile is the nation’s first wireless service combining America’s largest, most reliable 4G LTE network with Comcast’s 18 million WiFi hotspots to provide customers with a better wireless experience, for less money, on today’s most popular devices, including the Samsung Galaxy Note8, as well as the latest phones from Apple including the new generation iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus, which are currently available for sale at Xfinity Stores and at

So how much does Xfinity Mobile cost per month?

This is honestly the most exciting part of it all for me, and the reason why I may possibly make the switch! Xfinity Mobile only costs $12 per month per GB of data, or you can pay $45 per month for unlimited data. The only thing you’re paying for is data – calls and texts are free!!!

How much can you save per month?

Head over to your local Xfinity store, and take the assessment! Bring your current mobile bill, and compare your current bill to what Xfinity offers for mobile service.


Xfinity xFi

So now that we’ve reviewed my favorite new service that Xfinity is offering, let’s chat about a great new feature that I’m going to love as my son gets older.

Xfinity xFi is a new personalized WiFi experience that provides a simple digital dashboard for customers to set up their home WiFi network, find their passwords, see what devices are connected, set parental controls and much more. With Xfinity xFi, you can set up your Xfinity Internet service and home WiFi pretty easily, locate your WiFi password with ease, pause devices connected to your home WiFi with a simple swipe, and even monitor activity to see who’s most active on you home network.  xFi gives customers unprecedented visibility and control over one of the most important technologies in their home.  It will be a great feature at dinnertime (similar to the Xfinity commercials) to pause all electronic devices so the family can spend time bonding.


Xfinity X1

Xfinity X1 has been in place for a short while, but Xfinity is now offering some new features that your entire family will love! Whether you enjoy apps such as Netflix, YouTube, or some unique channel options, or you’re really into sports, Xfinity has features just for you!


Xfinity Integrated Apps

Xfinity X1 is now offering integrated apps, including Netflix, YouTube, international channels, and much more!

CBS Sports Digital

Xfinity has launched a new fantasy football experience for their sports fans! Using your voice remote, you can access your CBS Sports Fantasy League standings, weekly matchups and team performance on the same screen as live games. Launch the new experience directly within the X1 sports app or by simply saying “show me my fantasy football team” or “my fantasy football team” – as well as a variety of other voice commands – into your X1 voice remote.  I’m not even into fantasy football, but this feature is making me want to really try it out!

So now that you’ve learned all about what Xfinity has to offer…what’s your favorite feature?

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