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Single moms, how often have you heard yourself or your gal pals say, “But there’s just no time to do all that!” We thought about this a great deal and decided to list all the things that any single mom can do in a little bit of spare time when her toddler is asleep or at play.

Single moms, you simply must make time for yourselves to have some fun, and do something to keep that chin up.

Take a look at these 10 activities and give your spare time an exciting twist.

  1. Tackle Those Books You’ve Been Meaning to Read

Your kids are asleep, away at a sleepover, or off to a movie with someone you trust. You’ve got an hour or maybe more to yourself. Don’t use this time to drift off on a journey into the past, the scenes of numerous hurts and blames. Just grab a book and lose yourself in a world that’s not of your own creation. Better still, do it in bed with some mood music on! Choose from a wide range of romance novels or even holocaust books which come in a selection of several titles that are just perfect for starved-for-time single moms.

  1. Unburden to Someone

Alone time is such a rare occurrence in a single mom’s life. All single moms know this, which is why they can feel alone with their burdens. Plus, when has your kid ever let you talk over the phone without interfering. Take that half hour of time to call your mom or your best friend. It is hard to find time for actual therapy, but that special call to a loved one will boost your spirit a great deal. You’ll feel recharged and doubly ready for taking on your child’s demands again!

  1. Do Some Online Shopping

No single mom ever gets to shop without saying “no” to the kids at least a hundred times. “No Jay, you cannot have the air gun now” or “No Kathy, that dolly is for Christmas, not now.” It just never ends. So, when you get that wee bit of time you can call your own, get online and buy yourself something pretty. Just for you. It can be clothes, makeup, or maybe some jewelry. Feel like a woman again and that too without stepping out of the door.

  1. Complete Those Pending Grooming Tasks

Meant to do both your eyebrows, but managed to do only one? Wanted to try that new hair color, but simply not able to get around to it? Well, here’s your chance. Get that hair color on and soak, or shave both your legs the same day. No one’s going to get under your feet, get something up their nostril, or scream at the top of their voice, so go on and complete your pending beauty tasks.

  1. Get Some Shut Eye

When was the last time you took a nice, relaxed nap? Nap time for your kid means it’s time for you to do the dishes, finish office work, or make the bed. How about curling up in bed or on a comfy couch and taking a nap just by yourself? Just roll over and think no more, and hit the world of dreams.

  1. Put up That Dating Profile

Not given up on Mr. Right yet? Right! So, here’s the best time to get dressed and take a nice selfie of your pretty self. Since your kids won’t be distracting you with the “mine too, mommy” requests, go ahead and check the right boxes on the dating website this time. If your kids are older, you want to be sure they’re away so they won’t look down through their holier-than-thou noses at poor-old-mom’s romantic dreams. Not looking for a serious relationship? How about some light-hearted chatting then?

  1. Go to That Special Place

You know where you’d like to go if it weren’t for your kid hanging to your shoulders all the time. That personal space you call your own, wherever it may be: your neighborhood library, the gallery or the local pub. If you have an hour that you don’t have to account for to anyone, just hit the gas and head to that place. You will be really glad you did.


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  1. Binge-watch TV

Watch romantic flicks back-to-back or catch up on some TV shows on Netflix. Rejoice in the fact that no one will hear you whispering sweet nothings to your favorite on-screen hunk, or see you sniffling over a TV wedding. Let go of the emotional control and be a girl again – laugh, fawn, and cry over TV moments. Nothing wrong with it.

  1. Vent

Do not hesitate to vent; not too often, but when you need to, just vent! Now is the time to beat up some pillows and break something you don’t mind losing. Your teenager makes you want to jump off a rock? Bang some rocks together at a quiet park. Your toddler refuses to stop screaming? Kick that tree until your shoes give way. No one’s going to watch or eavesdrop and think you’re crazy. It’s okay to vent and feel better rather than keep it all inside and sulk.

  1. Connect with Other Single Moms

Touch base with other single moms in your town. You never know, you may find an angel who’s willing to babysit for you when you want to get your hair done. Or you may chance upon a group that offers at-home babysitting services. Reach out, support and feel supported. It’s the best feeling in the world.


Being a single mom is no picnic. Suddenly the world starts to feel smaller – it’s just you and your kid(s). Sometimes it feels as though nothing you do is good enough. It’s at times like these that you need the most support. To begin with, you have to help yourself. Look at your situation as a major joy ride, where only the rudder is off-duty and you’re struggling to find the brakes. Now and then, when the brakes are on and you get a moment or two of peace, rejoice in them.



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