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For many kids, the thought of history lessons brings back nightmares of trying to stay awake during class and memorizing a 1000 names and dates. Frankly, the dislike is probably from the way the subject is taught. In truth, history does not have to be boring or filled with mindless recollection. It can be a fun and exciting adventure with each lesson learned. Here are some things that you and your child can do:

Visit a Museum

Visiting a museum is always a great way to learn about history. Not only does your local museum offer a glimpse into the past but there are several museums dedicated to history for kids. For instance, the Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, MA is a living history museum from the 1830s. It contains a printing office, an old schoolhouse, a cider mill and other refurbished historic buildings. Another great place is Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison, Colorado. Here kids will find real dinosaur footprints, an educated tour over Dinosaur Ridge or Triceratops Trail and a Trek Through Time within the indoor exhibit,

When there are rainy days and you prefer to stay in, you can take a virtual field trip through numerous online museums. Some of the most popular include the White House and the Smithsonian Institute.

Captivating Biographies

A captivating biography is a definite success with children. It offers readers a real-life experience of a person who has had an extraordinary journey in life. Kids can read about many types of people such as presidents, world explorers, inventors, scientists, artists and more. Additionally there are also historical biographies of ancient Rome, ancient Greece, ancient China, the Civil War, the American Revolution, the Middle Ages and various others.


Kids love collections, especially unique and authentic coins. On the academic aspect, coins can teach a lot about history and make it quite fun. What is more, coins even go back to ancient civilizations. For instance, there are plentiful ancient and medieval coins that each tells a story. Some coins go way back in time such as Scotland (Queen of Scotts), England (Henry VIII), and the Kingdom of Macedon (Alexander III). You can track these types of coins down from coin dealers, such as Rocky Mountain Coin. If your child has any questions about what things were worth back in that time period or about how money was spent, in general, then you could probably ask those questions to the dealer as well.

Documentaries and Movies

On rainy days at home, documentaries and movies are a wonderful way to learn about history. With today’s discoveries and modern technology, you can find many fascinating and captivating specials. Some of the more popular shows for history include the History Channel, PBS, History for Kids and others. Other sources for inspiring history shows and movies are Netflix, DVDs and the library. You can also find some on YouTube.

Other great ways to make history fun for kids includes crafts, dress up, cooking, reenactments and playing games. It all just depends on how your child learns best!

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