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Many young girls love reading fairy tales and playing dress up and dream of one day becoming a princess. Does this sound like your daughter? While we can’t help her become a real princess, we can help you create a room that will make her feel like royalty.

How to create a princess’s bedroom:

  1. Choose the Right Colors
    There are four main colors we recommend when choosing decorative items to place in the bedroom: bright pink or fuchsia, soft or blush pink, white and ivory. Mixing and matching all of these is not recommended, but choosing one or two to use throughout the theme is a good idea.
  2. Get the Look
    When you think of a princess, what comes to mind? For most, it’s the crown and the dress, or general beauty. If you want your daughter’s room to meet princess standards, everything in it has to be pretty. Ruffles and embellishments on bedding, window panels and throws play off the look of the dress.
  3. Keep in Mind Her Age
    If your daughter is very young now, she may be more into cartoon princesses, whereas a teenager may be more into Kate Middleton. Decorate her room with age-appropriate items, and remember that you will save a lot of money if you choose items that girls of any age will love.
  4. Make It Luxurious
    Princesses live the life of luxury, so give your daughter a taste of that with extra soft bedding and high quality decor. After all, what princess lives with tattered fabrics or peeling wallpaper? Invest in quality products that will last – it’s what a princess deserves.

Follow the steps above, and your daughter will go crazy for her new princess bedroom. Another fun tip: surprise her with her finished room. The reveal will make it all worth it.


AUTHOR: Kim Foerst

I am a digital marketing manager with a love for redecorating and renovating my home. I don’t have any kids of my own, but I do enjoy spoiling my nieces and nephews.

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