The Epic Mommy Word for 2017: FOCUS!

2016: The Highlight Reel - Happy New Year!

I’ve never been big on New Year resolutions.  January 1st is usually when I started to think about what I wanted to do with the year with an anticipated goal of implementation in the Spring.  For me, Spring has always been symbolized a time of renewal, change, and growth.

Therefore, in preparation for the Spring of 2017, I have decided to claim my word of the year:


In 2017, I hope to have a renewed focus on the following:

1.Focus on me.

It goes without saying that I will keep my focus on Micah.  Between soccer, Cub Scouts, upcoming travel, and everything in-between, every day is about Micah.  But I want to get some focus on me in 2017.  I am looking to schedule at least 1 day off every 3 months where it will be just for me.  I’ll relax, or get a spa treatment, sleep in, read a book in bed, or binge-watch a show.  Whatever it is, it will be just for me.  And at the end of that day, I’ll pick up Micah from school and continue the day with my lil’ man.

2. Focus on family.

In the past couple of years, I have become somewhat disconnected from my family.  A lot of it had to do with the ongoing dysfunction within my family, but a lot more of it has to do with the fact that I have a significant physical distance between numerous members of my family.  But now, it is very important to me to expose Micah to my family.  Family was an essential aspect of the person that I am today, and I want to encourage the same with Micah.  It is important for him to know his family and to be exposed to the place where I lived for a significant part of my life.  In 2017, I am planning to take this little family to St. Croix!

3. Focus on travel.

2017 is looking like Travel Year for us.  In the past 2 years, I have been working towards creating our home base in preparation for Micah to start kindergarten, and now that he’s started this past Fall and he’s thriving, I think it’s time to take advantage of the Holiday and summer breaks to start taking some well-deserved travel.  This year, we have 3 large trips planned, and I’m working on scheduling some weekend and day trips throughout the year.  We’ll definitely be having a busy year!

4. Focus on school.

In order to find time to do more this year, I need to focus on finishing up graduate school and getting my MBA.  I started this goal back in 2015, and I’m hoping that in 2017, I will be able to complete it or at least get very close to completion.  This will require some careful time management, and I’m working on creating a plan for 2017 to make sure that it will happen.

5. Focus on my blog.

I have done a lot less blogging in 2016 than I would have liked, and I believe that my focus (and a little bit of my sanity) has suffered for it.  My blog has always been a source of calm and therapy for me, and without leveraging its use in 2016, I believe that I have lost a bit of my focus.  In 2017, my plan is to create a renewed focus on my blog.  I am looking forward to placing renewed time and effort into my blog, and collaborating with others to help take my blog to the next level.  I’m also working on refining Turn It Up Tuesday, so we can maximize the reach of the party and create the most impact for all those involved.


There seems to be a lot to focus on this year, and I’ll be working hard for the next few months to see the fruits of my labor.  There is no particular order for this focus list; it will really depend on the time management plan that I’m working on.  With all that I’m planning to do this year, you can be sure to see some new creative ideas and hopefully a renewed interest in Epic Mommy Adventures.  Wishing you all love, happiness, and success in 2017!

What is your word for 2017? How will you implement this word and accomplish success in 2017? Share in the comments below!

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  1. My word for the month is Intentional. Alot like focus. (Yeah, I’m trying a word of the month instead of just.) I love your blog and your post 🙂

    • Interesting to use a word for the month! I might have to consider that for 2018! Thanks so much for sharing…and giving me some inspiration! 🙂

  2. Hi Natasha, I picked an ‘unofficial’ word for 2017 – STRETCH.

  3. My word this year is focus as well. I have so many likes and interests which makes me indecisive at times. This year, I am going to zero in and focus on what I really want and go for it!

    • I’m the very same way, Rosie. In order to get anything done this year, I truly believe that I’ll have to be and remain focused in 2017. I’m glad to hear that you’re focusing this year and going for the gold! Wishing you an amazing year! 🙂

  4. Focus. That is an awesome word for the year! I think my word is going to be change. I have a lot of things that need to change this year! #turnituptuesday

    • Hi Barrie, thanks so much for stopping by and reading my post. Change is definitely a great word for t he year, and can evolve to mean so much! Thanks so much for s haring, and I look forward to hearing how you’ve progressed throughout the year. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Love your word Focus! Wishing you all the best for a Focused Year! =)

    • Thanks so much!! I have many ideas, but in order to implement any of them, I’d have to focus. I am hoping that I can do that in 2017!
      Happy New Year! 🙂

  6. Focus is a terrific word! I think for me, equally as important is “routine.” Routine can take on an awfully negative connotation, but I think that humans (and most any other creature) thrive on it. Routine with my blogging, my parenting, and the like.

    Thanks for the thought-provoking piece!

    • Routine is definitely very important – if I could focus enough to build a routine, I believe I would be unstoppable! Therefore, you are correct, routine is equally as important as focus. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! Wishing you the very best! xoxoxo

  7. Focus is a great choice. I just commented on Mrs. Tee’s blog and said my one word would be STRESSLESS. Hands down, less stress! Here’s to 2017 being our year. 🙂

    • Thanks!! Yes, I agree – I’m planning to stress less in 2017. This is a great word for the year! Hope you have a great week…and a great year too! 🙂

  8. Focus. I want to focus on me and focus on my blog this year. Good luck with your goals! #turnituptuesday

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