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Everyone wants children to be successful, well-balanced adults when they leave home. But have society’s expectations or the children’s own expectations sold them short of fulfilling their dreams of being the world’s next movers and shakers? How do parents and other highly influencing adults in their lives position kids to be the great people of tomorrow? Influencers should teach, reinforce and follow up on some significant concepts that will set kids up for success in whatever area they choose to pursue so they don’t just survive. Healthy adults can help empower children for a rewarding life journey by emphasizing some important big ideas.

People are More Important than Things

Things come and go. Money, fashion, cars, toys, electronics and more will change rapidly throughout a lifetime. Although things may give satisfaction for a time, people and relationships have an enduring quality. Think of a healthy parent-child relationship. Even if both lost everything but each other, each would still have the most important thing in their lives. A parent can’t replace a precious child, and he or she can’t replace a loving parent. Modeling this is even more important. As adults spend quality and quantity time with a child, the child will see that he or she is more important than whatever job, sport, program, or techie device the adult may have.

Use Time Wisely

Kids watch how influencers use their time. Is it always being used in a self-serving way or is it regularly encouraged in use of service for others? Voluntarily loading up the dishwasher after a meal, serving at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving or taking time to visit with an elderly person are just a few ways to exemplify using time for the good of others. Investing in education is also a great use of time and something to be encouraged. High school, college, (including an online master’s degrees in coaching, teaching, social work and more) are an investment in one’s own future. If every spare minute is spent on a phone, tablet, TV or other device with little to show for it for years on end, a life isn’t being well spent or achieving its full potential.

Finish the Job

So many projects abound, from Legos and Pinterest to household responsibilities and homework. Even if something is hard, a child should be encouraged to finish the job. Even if a child’s lost interest, finish the job. Even if someone doesn’t like you, finish the job, Even if you don’t know how, figure out a way to finish the job. Parents, coaches, teachers and others who successfully teach and model this life skill (and follow up with kids on their jobs) will have kids who are miles ahead of the pack in any arena.

It’s the parent’s responsibility to provide life’s training ground for children in order to see children become tomorrow’s greatest people.  Using all the skills you have to teach them will help lead to success.


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