I Survived The 1st Day of Kindergarten!

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The first day of Kindergarten…!!

We have been building up to this day for months (it almost seemed like years at this point), and honestly, the day just completely flew by. I’m writing this on the eve of his third day of Kindergarten and I still honestly don’t know how it all happened so quickly.


So let me just share a recap of what was going on in my head and in my heart preparing for this 1st day of kindergarten…

I was prepared to completely fall apart crying when he walked onto the school bus. I was so ready to run behind the bus crying that he was just too little for this big adventure, this new journey, this new chapter.  I thought that I would be that momI didn’t think that I would be able to handle the whole experience.  I took the entire day off of work to cry, to sulk, to just completely let myself feel all of the emotions that I was bound to experience when he headed off to kindergarten.  In my head, the only way I could get through this day would be to grab some ice cream, watch the saddest movie ever, and just count the hours until he would be back from kindergarten.  Just picturing how it would all go down, I still get emotional (it’s amazing how the fantasy is so much more real and emotional than reality).

I seriously thought I would be this mom on the first day of school…she symbolized everything I felt and dreaded. Have we not all felt this way at some point??!!

What I didn’t expect was for him to be so brave, so excited, such a big boy.  What I didn’t expect was that he would reassure me that it would all be okay, and it was safe to let him grow up and be a big boy. What I couldn’t have imagined was that it would all go so smoothly, and that I would have no worries or concerns.  I didn’t sulk, I barely cried – it was more important for him not to see me sneaking around as he made his way onto the bus (he goes to his same daycare for before- and after-school care) and walk from the bus into the cafeteria at his elementary school where all of the other kindergarteners were assembled.

There was no sadness, no tears – he looks like he was enjoying every moment.  He was a pro at this; you would have sworn he had been to kindergarten several times before instead of for the very first time.  He chatted with all of his classmates and he was extremely attentive to what his teacher said at all times. (By the way, I know all this because Titi and I were sitting at the window with all of the other stalker-like parents sending their babies off to kindergarten – i.e. the picture above).

When I picked him up from daycare in the afternoon, he was so happy and excited to share everything that he did. He had a blast! He read a book called the Kissing Hand, about a raccoon who didn’t want to go to school and his mom taught him a family secret that helps him get through his first day at school.  He even shared a new song he learned to remember the days of the week and the months of the year. He enjoyed physical education, where he got to dance around, then froze when the song stopped.

The tears finally came when we both fell asleep in my bed last night. But it wasn’t tears of sadness, it was tears of simple and blissful joy.

I survived the 1st day of kindergarten!


As a side note, I wanted to keep track each year of some of Micah’s favorite things so I decided that I will do this on the 1st day and last day of each school year. I sat with him in the morning on his first day, and he answered all of the question without a second thought.

I can’t wait to see how it changes at the end of kindergarten!


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  1. Omg! This bought back some memories but hey 21 years in the game a few things get forgotten. Enjoy this new journey and don’t cry too much a lot more is to come save some tears for later lol:) much love to you and little man xo btw he looks so cute and grown pose omg I can’t with these kids lol

    • Hi Mari!! I’m definitely enjoying the experience, and we’re already falling into a great routine. Thanks so much for the love and support! And yes, he definitely looks so grown – he even told me he’s a grown up now that he’s 5! These kids are a mess! LOL

  2. Welcome to a new chapter in mommyhood! I remember this time so well. My daughter was ready just like your son and she continues to love school. She’s now an 8th grader. Enjoy these times because they go by really fast.

    • Thanks so much! I am definitely enjoying every moment of this new adventure. He is always so excited to head off to school in the removing and has so many stories to share at night. I’m glad that your daughter continues to love school – that’s so great! 🙂

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