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Being a single parent is probably not how you saw your life going. However, now that you’ve made the decision to be single, or to raise your children alone, there are things you can do to thrive and grow in your new life. Here are four ways to embrace your single parenthood.

4 Ways to Embrace Single Parenthood

Get Some Space.

Start by putting some distance between you and your former partner. This could mean legal separation and it could also mean deciding to let go of someone who doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. If necessary, contact a legal professional such as an Appleton divorce lawyer or any divorce attorney close to you to start the process. Separating from a toxic situation is an important step in being free to live your most authentic life.

Make Time For Yourself.

Make sure to take a little time for yourself every day, whether that’s a morning coffee on the porch or watching a sitcom before bed. Spending time relaxing and nurturing yourself will help you to better function as a single person as well as a parent. Next, get your kids involved in the freedom campaign by making fun time a priority. Enjoy a shopping adventure, a game night or go see a movie once a week.

Make new friends.

Making new friends can be important, especially if you’ve recently separated from your partner and need to create a new network of support. A network of friends will not only help you emotionally, but it can also be important to your parenting role. Fellow single parents can share tips and strategies for making life with kids easier and more efficient. Your new friends may also be willing to help with transportation, babysitting and other logistical concerns that can be tricky when you’re single.

Try new things.

Trying new things can be energizing and fulfilling, especially if it is something you have been interested in for a long time. As a newly single parent, you’ll want to take your freedom to the next level by exploring new opportunities. Consider taking a night class or learning a new hobby. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn Spanish, teach yourself to knit or start a small business. Whatever your goals, embrace them, because now you have the freedom to fully be yourself.

These are just a few ways to embrace your life as a newly single parent. Remember to treat yourself well and find ways to enjoy life because both you and your children will be happier for it.


DixieDixie Somers is a freelance writer from Arizona. She writes for family, home, and business niches. She is a proud mother to three beautiful daughters.

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  1. I’ve been embracing being a single mom for almost 9 years. I totally agree with every point! It’s tough but honestly I enjoy it and I don’t think I ever want to stop being a single mom! Lol Please check out my new blog 🙂

    • I agree, Lauren! It is definitely been tough being a single mom, but I can’t imagine it being any different. Thanks for sharing your own experience…and your new blog! I just signed up to follow via email. I look forward to reading your posts to come!
      Have a great holiday weekend! 🙂

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