Children and Contact Lenses: Are They Right For My Child?

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It’s very common for young children to be diagnosed with either long or short sightedness. Most schools will test children’s sight on a regular basis, but sometimes small toddlers who have sight issues may need to wear glasses. There may be a few tears and tantrums to begin with, your child will eventually get come around to the idea of wearing glasses on a regular basis.


There are many reasons children may not wish to wear glasses. All of them valid, from being teased at school, to them getting in the way of participating in sports, such as football or hockey. However if they become a problem, there is another solution. You may be surprised to learn that young contact lenses are not only for adults, but are also suitable for young children.

Want to know if contact lenses are right for your child? Here’s what you need to know.

  • They’re great for all ages

Physically speaking, even very young children’s eyes are well-developed enough to tolerate lenses. The only implication is whether your child can fit them in themselves without any problems. Usually children aged 8 and over can do this without any difficulty. It may take younger children some time to learn the skills needed.

  • Daily contacts are easier for children

There are two options when it comes to contact lenses: dailies and monthlies. As their names suggest, you keep one type for a whole month and take them out overnight, while the others only last one day. As you can imagine, daily contact lenses are easier for children to manage as they do not need washing and storing correctly. This website will give you some ideas of the different types and prices. And don’t forget that contact lenses are something you’ll need to add to your budgets!

  • Remember to add UV

Some contact lenses come with added UV protection. When you are choosing a brand for your child, it’s a good idea to opt for some that have this added protection. Ultraviolet radiation (UV) can cause significant damage when your eyes are exposed to it. As well as buying lenses with protection, you should also ensure your child wears sunglasses whenever it is sunny.

  • Contact lenses aren’t for everyone

Even some adults struggle with wearing contact lenses, so don’t worry if your child doesn’t get the hang of them! If they don’t at first, they may just need a little practice. However, if they still struggle after a while, it’s best to stop trying to force lenses onto your child as a solution. Returning to glasses shouldn’t be seen as a defeat – you can always return to contact lenses once your child is older. If they still don’t take to them, you can always consider laser eye surgery. This is only to be considered once your child is old enough and understands the risks involved. They also need to be old enough to give full consent.
If your child does get on well with contact lenses, you’ll see the benefits in no time at all!

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