Sharing and Caring: Tips for Peaceful Co-Parenting {Guest Post}

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It isn’t uncommon for co-parenting to go wrong immediately after a split happens. If both parents remain committed to keeping their children’s needs first, a peaceful co-parenting solution can be achieved. Here are several tips for peaceful co-parenting.

Sharing and Caring - Tips for Peaceful Co-Parenting2

Taking a Co-Parenting Class

Taking a parenting class may seem like an odd approach to co-parenting, but it is actually helpful to many families. While many courts require that couples complete these courses, parents can still benefit from getting the necessary counseling needed to raise children in healthy environment. Attorneys and social workers can help identify nearby co-parenting classes. There are co-parenting classes offered online as well for busy parents.

Avoid Using Children to Communicate

Parents can put children in an uncomfortable position in serving as a messenger. While a late child support payment or a missed, scheduled appointment may be a point of contention for parents, parents should avoid letting their children serve as liaisons. Children can feel torn between the two parents. Direct communication improves the co-parenting experience for all parties involved. The children can eventually become resentful toward both parents if used as the messenger between parents. Good communication between both parents reduces anxiety in children.

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Encourage an Open Dialogue

Children are adjusting to the new parenting situation and need to express their feelings openly. Encouraging children to express their confusion, frustration or even anger is recommended. This keeps children from blowing up mistakenly or acting out in a self-destructive manner. If your co-parenting situation is the result of a divorce or separation, your child may have even stronger emotions they need to express. If this is the case, you may want to consider contacting a counselor to help your child cope. This, according to lawyer Jill Coil, can provide the child with a safe space where they can communicate their feelings and process the divorce with a specialist.

Be Open to Compromise

Compromise is something that many parents struggle with once the relationship ends. Conflicting schedules, working requirements, and different family dynamics can make it harder for parents to coordinate their schedules for visitations. Remaining flexible minimizes tension between parents and the children. Eliminating as many conflicts as possible through compromise is always in the best interest of the children.

These co-parenting tips can ease the transition period for children. This creates a healthy environment for children to thrive and strengthens the relationship with both parents. When parents keep the needs of their children first, improving the co-parenting relationship. If both parents remain committed, children will quickly become acclimated to the new living situation.


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