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Hidden Expenses1

It can be extremely difficult for parents to remember to budget for everything that their children will need. With budgets being necessary in most households, here are five things you shouldn’t forget to budget.

The Holiday Expenses

If you celebrate holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, by giving gifts to your children, be sure to budget for gift expenses. Some banks may allow you to open a Christmas savings account for the sole purpose of saving enough money to purchase gifts.

School Pictures

Although many parents remember to budget money for school lunches, some forget to budget for school picture day. Typically, at least once a year, your children will get their pictures taken for the school yearbook. You generally have to pay a fee to get copies of the photos to have as keepsakes. Also, yearbooks themselves usually cost money to purchase. If you want to buy a yearbook each year, you should budget for that expense as well.

Back-to-School Budgeting

It sometimes costs quite a bit of money to send your children back to school each year, but parents sometimes forget just how much money they need to spend on back-to-school supplies and clothes. Make a list of everything your children will need for back-to-school supplies, and plan your budget accordingly. Don’t forget to budget for any tuition or enrollment expenses as well.

Dental and Doctor Visits

If your family has great health insurance, you may just need to place a few copay fees in your budget for the year; if not, you may have to budget even more money toward dental and doctor visits. If you know your child or children will need dental work, be sure to get estimates as to how much the work will cost so you can budget accordingly. Some dental and orthodontic issues are more common in children than adults, so parents often forget to account for youthful complications like unerupted teeth. An expert from Periodontal Specialists says an unerupted tooth could harm the roots of nearby teeth, which is why it’s important to have it orthodontically moved into the correct position. These kinds of procedures, while essential, can strain your budget if you don’t have money set aside to cover them.

Hidden Expenses2

Sports Participation Fees

Many schools charge fees if a student wants to participate in sports. Some sports require specialized gear in order for the children to play. Such gear, such as knee pads for volleyball or shoes for soccer practice, can be quite expensive. Don’t forget to work such expenses into your budget.

Budgeting is not always an easy process. There are many things to remember to budget for, so don’t feel bad if you forget a few expenses along the way!


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