It’s 2016 ya’ll!!! We were at home all day yesterday, all bundled up under the blankets on the 1st day of what could be a great year. Doesn’t that sound like a relaxing way to enjoy the 1st of the year??

To celebrate the New Year, I decided to review some of the things that I focused on in 2015, and how I plan to do things better in 2016. It’s something that I’ve been thinking about for some time, and I got away from my plan for my blog as life got in the way (rightfully so). I intend on changing things in 2016, and creating better time management for all of the elements of my life – motherhood, graduate school, full-time working professional, and blogging.  I have to find time for it all, without sacrificing my sanity at the same time.

So let’s look at all aspects of my life, and how I plan to make 2016 better…


Micah and I have had some challenges in the past couple months (which I will share in future posts), and I have tons to share on what’s been going on and how to handle similar situations in the future.  Micah is actually headed to kindergarten in 2016, and I am losing my ever-loving mind.  I want to make sure that he’s in a really good school district, and I’m still deciding if he’ll be going to private school or public school.

What I Want to Do Better in 2016: 

  • Squeeze in some extra quality time with Micah, where he feels that I am giving him the attention he needs and deserves.
  • Locate a great school district for Micah to start attending school, and consider moving if needed
  • Register Micah for kindergarten by the end of March (eekkk!!)

Graduate School

Earlier in the year, I decided to head back to graduate school.  I first started the traditional online graduate school setting; however, it was difficult to stick within the expected timelines due to all of the other aspects in my life.  I found a solution to the problem – a switch of schools and a switch in online programming.  Instead of the traditional online setting, I am now attending another graduate school that allows me to complete assignments within my own timeframe, as long as all of the assignments are completed within a 12-week period.  This has been such an effective method for me – I can complete my classes as quickly as needed (when I can) and take my time in the classes where I need more time and effort, or if I’m lacking in time.

What I Want to Do Better in 2016:

  • Focus on completing one class every 5 weeks – weekends, especially in the winter, will be used to complete assignments.
  • Determine how to leverage the skills learned in graduate school into my career and blog

Full-Time Career

In addition to all of these elements, I also work full-time.  It’s definitely a rewarding career and one that I feel confident enough to accomplish all of my daily tasks.  At the same time, there is much challenge due to limited resources and the opportunity to take on projects that would take completely outside of my comfort zone.  The work fuels my mind and provides me with the drive that I was lacking in the past.

What I Want to Do Better in 2016:

  • Be passionate, while not getting completely lost, in my work. This will truly be a feat; however, it needs to be done. I am working diligently to not work nights or weekends in 2016, as I just have too many things to get done otherwise.

The Blog

Last, but not least, my blog. In the past, this little blog of mine has helped to keep me sane, connect with others, and keeps me motivated and focused.  I slipped a bit earlier this year, and didn’t give my blog the attention it deserves.  But in 2016, I plan to change that. I want to do bigger and better things, but I also need to do it at a realistic pace.

In 2015, I started the plan of being more focused on my blog.  I planned a detailed editorial calendar focusing on daily themes – Epic Headlines, Training Wheels Wednesday, Ask Epic Mommy (Parenting Advice), Scholarly Sundays, and Greene & Crafty.  Whereas I initially came up with the themes to help me focus my thoughts while blogging, it ended up being more of a hindrance.  I felt crippled having to stick within certain themes, and unable to come up with posts within those areas at times.

What I Want to Do Better in 2016:

In 2016, I want to make my blog bigger and better, while being realistic in how I deliver

  • Editorial Calendar: The editorial calendar will only be narrowed down to a few themes – Epic Headlines (which will allow me to be a bit random), Training Wheels WednesdaySingle Saturdays, and Ask Epic Mommy {Parenting Advice}.  These four themes are the core of my blog, and I believe that it is important to continue on that path.
  • Key Collaborations: First, I’d like to make some key collaborations for something that I’ve been thinking about for some time.  I don’t want to give away all of the juicy details, but it’s one that I’d like to see come to fruition in 2016.  I’d like to connect with some single parents (moms and dads) bloggers, so if you’re interested, be sure to reach out to me!  Also, key collaborations will be very important this year because I’m looking to start a new community that will target parents of all types.  It will be a labor of love, but one that I have a strong desire to do. This may be a plan for later in 2016, but I’m hoping to make it happen.
  • Link-Ups: The link-ups that already exist on EMA is not going away, but I want to add a few, more specific to the core of my blog.  I’m thinking about adding another link party to my repertoire; however, I’m trying to determine exactly what the topic will be.  I’d love to collaborate with another blogger that is interested in doing the same, and come up with a topic of interest. Once again, if you’re interested, please let me know!  Also, I am looking to start a weekend link party starting on Fridays, that will focus just on social media accounts.

 I plan on making 2016 a year of productivity and efficiency – I have tons to do, and I want to get it all done in the best way possible.  What are you planning to do better in 2016?

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