Deep Breaths: Your Guide for Handling Divorce Stress Gracefully {Guest Post}

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The decision to divorce is never an easy one, especially if you’ve been married to your partner a significant number of years. While you may be filled with strong emotions and a lot of stress, the following guide offers healthier ways to cope with this new change of life and the stress that can come with the divorce process.

Deep Breaths Your Guide for Handling Divorce Stress Gracefully

Do Your Research

A lot of thought, soul searching, planning, and preparation go into a divorce, so you’ll want to ensure you do your homework ahead of time. If you’ve exhausted options such as couple’s therapy, enlisting the help of one of the best divorce lawyers in Salt Lake City can provide you with expert advice. In addition to preparing the necessary paperwork, an attorney can offer financial and legal counselling that can prove beneficial during your divorce. Go with someone you trust, and who can make things easy for you to understand.

Focus on Your Children

If you have children, a divorce can be especially difficult on them. While you may want to closet yourself away from the rest of the world, your children are going to need your attention. Instead of showering them with gifts to make up for the sudden upheaval, offer up your time and attention. Going to the movies, eating dinner together, and keeping the lines of communication open can help mend the open wounds. When you feel you want vent some of the negative feelings you have for your spouse, refrain from doing so. Co-parenting in a respectful manner will help your child through this difficult process and keep their relationship with both parents healthy.

Join a Support Group

Your primary goal in getting through your divorce is to do so with as little stress and confrontations as possible. Joining a support group can offer you an outlet where you can voice your frustrations, concerns, and heartache. Since most of the individuals participating have firsthand experience, they may be able to impart valuable advice and wisdom. While friends and family will always be on your side, they may not understand everything you are going through. Talk to people who are in the same situation or have had experience with the same things. This can help make dealing with the stressful situation a little easier on you mentally.

Surround Yourself with Friends and Family

It’s common for individuals going through a divorce to want to withdraw from life. However, surrounding yourself with family and friends can help you break out of your depression. Whether they pick up the children from school, provide a meal, or offer you an outlet to go out for the evening to unwind, don’t be afraid to rely on this valuable support team. Knowing you are not alone is important for keeping your head up and focused on the positives.

Practice Meditation and Yoga

It’s common to experience a variety of emotions when going through a divorce and this stress and upheaval should be managed as best you can. Meditation and yoga are wonderful stress releasing practices that can help you remain calm and poised. The movements and breathing exercises will reduce stress and anxiety and help keep you physically and mentally more balanced.

Divorce can incite many negative emotions, but by keeping active and focusing on your own health and wellness, you’ll be better prepared for the road to a brighter and happier future. Make sure you have a support system and ways to help deal with everything you are feeling. When you handle the process with grace and calm, you can look back on the whole experience without flinching.


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