7 Single Mom Blogs…You May Not Know About!

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When you’re a single parent, you sometimes feel that you’re the only one going through a particular experience in this amazingly difficult journey of single parenthood. But let me tell you…you are not alone! And nothing says that better than sharing some of my favorite single mom blogs.  These bloggers are just like me, sharing what’s going on in their lives and helping others throughout their experiences as a single parent.

Single Mom Blogs

I hope you enjoy this list of 7 single mom blogs you might not know about!


2016-01-12_13-28-51I recently found TwentyStop.com, and I absolutely LOVE this blog! Kayla is a young 20-something single mom of 2, willing to share her stories in the hopes that it will inspire, motivate, and encourage other single parents that they can get through it too!


Crazy Tuesdays

Crazy TuesdaysCrazy Tuesdays is an amazing blog by Sue, a single mom of 2.  I absolutely love Sue, and I love her blog.  She shares her stories about raising her two children solo, and it is both funny and inspirational.  She shares on her blog the following: “My prayer is that you would take a minute, read the words on Crazy Tuesdays, and feel a little less alone in whatever it is you are going through today. That you would smile, laugh, or cry… or all three. May you walk away from the posts on this page feeling a little more alive, a little more passionate, a little more courageous, and a little more free.” Isn’t that great motivation to see what her blog is all about? Be sure to check out Sue’s book, aptly named Crazy Tuesdays – an amazing read!


Three Boys and a Mom

Three Boys MomThree Boys and a Mom is about single mom, Rachel, raising her 3 boys.  Rachel is really amazing, and her stories are inspiring, funny, but mostly brutally honest and real.  I really enjoy reading her blog, and I’m sure others will enjoy it as well!


Where’s My Pacifier?

Wheres My PacifierWhere’s My Pacifier is all about single mom, Kae, raising her young son.  We connected for a number of reasons, including the fact that we are both single moms, have origins in the Caribbean, and so much more.  I haven’t seen any new posts from Kae in some time, but her old posts are still very inspiring and brutally honest.

The Super Secret Diary of a Ninja Mom…

Ninja Mom

I was first introduced to The Super Secret Diary of a Ninja Mom… when I added my blog to Top Mommy Blogs.  The blog was number 1 in the Single Parenting blogs category for quite some time.  And I can see why! Carmen’s kick-ass blog that has a little bit about everything – fitness, randomness, tips, podcast, inspiration – the woman is a powerhouse! Her blog is where I want my blog to be when it’s older.


The Middle Cinnamon Roll

Middle Cinnamon Roll

I just found The Middle Cinnamon Roll recently; however, I have completely fallen for this amazing blog.  Trina is a single mom focused on sharing her life with us all through her blog.  Her About me page describes what her blog is all about in simple terms: “Here is where I will self-indulgently post observations, life experiences and stories of the children I bore (double entendre intended) that may amuse only me. I think I’m okay with that. (Not really. I want you to love me.) Enjoy.”

Confessions of a Single Parent Pessimist

Single Parent Pessimist

I learned about Confessions of a Single Parent Pessimist after doing a search to find single parenting link parties.  Claire’s Single Parent Linky drew me in right away!  Claire is a single mom and shares tips for other single parents, and also shares reviews of things that impacts families – products, places, books, etc.

Did you know about these single mom blogs? Are there others that should be on the list? Share in the comments below!

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