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Childproofing your home includes identifying the common hazards and then picking the best options in order to the decrease the risks of your kids getting into accidents. As the parent, you ought to evaluate every room in your home and indicate what can harm your children.


Here are 5 things you can do to childproof your home for your kids’ safety:

  1. Use safety locks and latches – Have a number of these items for the cabinets and the drawers in the kitchen, bathroom as well as other areas. Safety locks and latches placed on cabinets and drawers could help prevent your kids from accessing cigarette lighters, household cleaners, knives and other sharp instruments, matches and medicines. Look for locks and latches that adults could easily install as well as use but are durable enough to resist pulling and tugging from kids.
  2. Use cordless window coverings – Having these helps prevent any case of strangulation. Your kid could wrap a window covering cord around his or her neck or could pull cords that can’t be immediately seen but can be accessed and get himself or herself knotted in the loops. A window cord that has an inner cord could be pulled on by your kid, forming a possibly lethal loop.
  3. Use online filters – In today’s world, children can, quite literally, have information at their finger tips thanks to the Internet. What a lot of them don’t know is that there are also things on the Net that are inappropriate for their young and impressionable minds, to say the least. You can protect your kids from inappropriate things with the use of Searchlock by having filters installed on your computer as these screen the content that gets searched while you’re on the Web. They also help in monitoring the things that your kids search.


  1. Use window guards and safety nets – These items help in preventing falls from balconies, decks, landings and windows. You can perform checks on your window guards and safety nets so s to ensure that they have been properly installed, secured and maintained.  Limit the windows’ openings to a maximum of four inches, including the spaces in between window guard bars. If you do indeed have window guards, make sure that at least a single window in every room could be easily used in case of a fire. Avoid using window screens though, since they aren’t considered as an effective option in preventing kids from falling out of windows.
  2. Use protection for outlets – It’s definitely a good idea for the responsible parent to have their electrical outlets protected by using outlet covers. Sadly, those little removable plug-in caps could easily end up in your child’s mouth. So, instead of using these, replace your outlet covers, especially the ones that can be easily accessed by your kids, with ones that have a sliding safety latch feature. In case you’re making use of extension cords, cover the exposed outlets with some electrical tape.

These are only a few of the things you can do in childproofing your home. There are more thing you can do but these help in getting your properly started.


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