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I have been a member of the Netflix Stream team for the past couple of months…and I have been loving it! After pulling the plug on cable earlier this year, I have been living on streaming programs, especially Netflix.  And there is no turning back!

There is no better time to be a Netflix subscriber than now, especially with all the amazing new shows that Netflix is premiering.  There are numerous shows that have caught my attention, but none more than Between.


Unlike the majority of the other shows on Netflix which are released in a full season, Between was released each week on Netflix on Thursday nights, just as it is being released on Canada’s City TV. Some of the best parts of watching a show on cable is the anticipation for the following week. With Between released in this manner, it surely built up anticipation and excitement for the show.  If you’re behind on the show, you could always catch up as all of the episodes are saved on Netflix! How can you go wrong with that?

What is Between?

Between is a science fiction drama co-produced by Netflix and Canada’s City TV, and airing Thursdays.  Between is all about the residents of a small town called Pretty Lake. The town has its share of issues, not unlike many of the other small towns you may know of.  The only thing that sets Pretty Lake apart from other towns is a super-deadly virus that is wiping out all members of the community over 22 years old. (What’s the significance of 22? I don’t know yet – but I can’t wait to find out!)

The military, seemingly perplexed by the cause or source of this virus, quarantine the remaining members of the Pretty Lake, who are all pre-adults.  The military prevents everyone from leaving or going in to Pretty Lake, and goes to the extreme measures including shooting down aircraft that attempt to leave.  Within the town, though, there have been numerous questions answered about the town and its residents, yet there are still some unresolved issues that are yet to be addressed after the conclusion of the first season.

The last episode of the first season occurred this past Thursday, June 25th.  There has not been an announcement yet for the airing of a Season 2, but I am truly looking forward to seeing what will come next. If you want to binge-watch the season, be sure to check out the full season now on Netflix.

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See you next month, as I share some more about our Netflix #StreamTeam experience!


Let me share a little bit about the Netflix #StreamTeam. I received an e-mail a few months ago stating that I was hand-selected to join the Netflix Stream Team, Netflix’s exclusive blogger network. As a member, you’ll receive monthly themed title suggestions as well as content-inspired crafts and recipes that connect movies and TV shows with what’s going on in your family’s life – plus some fun selections just for you. In exchange for writing monthly themed posts about Netflix, they’ll provide you with a complimentary yearlong Netflix subscription (unlimited streaming on four devices at once) and an iPad mini so you and your family can enjoy Netflix anytime, anywhere. This month is our very first month being a Netflix #StreamTeam member, and we’re loving it! Micah and I have been LOVING our new iPad mini and have been streaming movies and shows everywhere – at the park, at the doctor’s office, while driving, and even over lunch.

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  1. I actually caught the first half hour or so of the first episode of this show. I think I’ll start checking it out tomorrow. BTW, my youngest brother and I were just talking about the Spiderman cartoon. I think I’ll check that out with him just for old times’ sake.

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