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5 Home Security Tips for Single Moms

Keeping your home safe and secure is a top priority for any parent, but as a single mom, you may be even more vigilant about the dangers that may threaten you and your children. While you and your children should feel safe inside your own home, you may be well aware that crimes can and do take place inside homes in even the safest neighborhoods. Because of this, it is necessary to take extra precautions to bolster home security. Protecting your home may be at the top of your mind today, and there are a few great steps that you can take to improve your home security.

Keep All Lights On

You should keep both an outside and an inside light on in your home at all times. Criminals will typically target homes that provide them with some level of concealment while they are trying to enter and leave the home. This means that darker homes are a preferred option. In addition, homes that appear to be empty may also be more likely to be targeted, and a light on inside the home gives the illusion that someone is both home and awake.

Close Your Curtains at Night

While you want a light on inside the house at night, you also want to keep your curtains and blinds closed. The light can be seen through the curtains and blinds to serve its purpose, but the blinds and curtains will prevent anyone who may peer inside from seeing that you are a single woman home alone. Essentially, they will not be able to see who is inside or how many people are inside, which minimizes your chance of being targeted.

Maintain Your Yard

You should also take steps to maintain your yard in great shape. This makes your home look lived in. It also prevents overgrowth that can conceal an intruder while he stakes out your home and attempts to break in. Keep in mind that many criminals will target homes where the windows and doors are at least partially concealed, so keep your shrubs and other landscaping features at a lower height.

Be Vigilant

Criminals may stake out your home for anywhere from a few hours to a few days before breaking in. Because of this, you should be observant at all times about your surroundings. Keep an eye open for strange vehicles parked close to your home, and this is particularly of concern when those vehicles have an individual sitting in the car for no apparent reason. You may contact law enforcement officials to report suspicious activity, and a police officer may arrive to investigate the person in question.

Get a Home Security System

Investing in a home security system is among best steps that you can to secure your home. Criminals will often avoid homes with security systems altogether. They are simply riskier to break into than homes without a security system. In addition, if your home is broken into, the system will be used to dispatch authorities to your home without delay. In this way, a home security system serves two vital functions. You can learn more about a security system by reading a NorthStar alarm review.

Protecting your home and your children is a top concern as a single mother. These steps can all help you to minimize the likelihood of your home being targeted by a criminal. You may be able to sleep easier at night and feel safer and more secure in your home when you invest in a security system, but all of these steps can be combined together for the best overall results.





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