How I Think Single Parents Should Take Care of Themselves

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Single parents usually have a one track mind: taking care of their child. Our child comes first, and that’s the way it should be. However, we totally forget that we need to take care of ourselves too! Taking care of yourself is a must. Would you rather an irritable, unhappy person took care of your child, or a chirpy, happy person? Of course you’d say the latter, so you need to take care of yourself!

How I Think Single Parents Should Take


Here are my tips:

Don’t Take on So Much

You need to know when enough is enough. Single parents have a habit of taking too much on at once. If you start to feel stressed with things you’re doing, then you need to start saying no or being honest about how busy you are.

Know When Something Needs to Change

Know when something in your life needs to change. Perhaps you feel so stressed that you often cry. Maybe you’ve started to resent your child – unthinkable for most, but it can happen. This is when something needs to change. Write a list of things you’re unhappy with and come up with a plan to change it.

Don’t Be Scared to Get Help

Please, don’t be scared to get help. Ask friends and family if they’ll take your child for a few hours so you can have a day to yourself. You could even consider hiring a nanny or taking your child to day care.

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Don’t Compare Yourself

Never compare yourself to other single parents. This is the worst thing you can do. They might look like they’re doing better than you, but you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Just don’t sweat it; everybody is different.

Prioritize Your Health

Your health should come before anything else; you want to be there for your child, right? So make sure you kick bad habits, and eat healthy, nutritious meals. Head to a couple of gym classes a week if you can. You’ll feel great with the endorphins your body will be releasing, and you’ll be well equipped to take care of a demanding baby.

Treat Yourself

Why not treat yourself from time to time? This doesn’t make you selfish. Every penny you make does not need to go towards your child. You’re important too! You could take a look at watches for women if you’re particularly proud of yourself, or book in at a salon. Don’t deprive yourself!

Take Time for Yourself

Not only should you treat yourself, you should take time for yourself too. Would you like to try a different hobby? Perhaps you enjoy writing, reading, or horse riding? You could even do a course! Whatever it may be, do these things you enjoy as often as you can. You matter, and so does your happiness.


There’s no reason single parents should neglect themselves for their child. In order for you to feel happy and balanced, you need to take time for you to. It only makes sense!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it insightful! Is there anything you’d add, or don’t agree with? Let me know!


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  1. These are great tips!!! I want to add one: buy something nice for yourself. It is so easy to walk into a store, see something perfect for your munchkin(s), and go broke spending on them. Try this: once a week, purchase a littel something just for you. My weakness is hair care supplies and nail polish. Even if its something for a dollar, it will make you feel a lot better, I promise!!!

    • Absolutely!!! It is so easy to fall into the trap of just buying things for your child, but sometimes you have to do something just for you. Treat yourself! Great tip – Jennice! 🙂


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