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Are you one of those people who like to have neatness and order at home to be able to live peacefully? Most of us are like that and for a good reason. Who would want to live in a messy and cluttered up space anyway? It would just take the fun out of living in an otherwise aesthetic house.

But if you’re planning to move in with your partner, you may have to give the process of organizing your new home some serious thought.

While everything could be hunky-dory if both of you share a passion for keeping your home well-organized and neat, things could just get difficult if you both are poles apart in this matter.

It is crucial that you respect your partner’s belongings and vice versa. You cannot just start getting rid of things that may be important to them in a bid to de-clutter or to make more room for yours.

You need to figure out a middle ground and work on finding a way wherein both of you can accommodate your possessions in harmony by organizing well, creating more space and using it optimally.

In this post, we present a few ways of doing so.

Wardrobe Organization Woes

Wardrobe Organization Woes

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One of the most challenging places to keep organized and uncluttered is going to be your wardrobe, especially now that two people will be sharing the limited amount of space. Here’s how to tackle concerns related to it –

  1. If you have a small wardrobe, you know each shelf, drawer, and every centimeter of the available space are precious. So make it a point to get yourself drawer organizers, easy-to-install shelves and hanging rods to create more space (His n Hers sections even) and store your belongings neatly.  Once they are installed, you’ll be relieved to see how much more space there is to use now.
  2. Invest in some high-quality hangers. That way, even if you do not have much shelf space, you will be able to accommodate your clothes neatly without getting them creased up. Now-a-days, different kinds of hangers are easily available to meet all your organizing needs. Whether it is your clothes, bedspreads, sleeping bags or even jewelry, OnlyHangers can help you find something suitable for all your needs related to organizing your wardrobe effectively.
  3. Introduce stackable laundry baskets in your wardrobe to make sorting easier.
  4. Use the inside of the closet doors to hang your coats and hats by simply installing cup hooks on them.

Bedroom Distresses

Bedroom Distress

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The bedroom will be the first and the last place you’ll find yourself to be in, so you want it to be stress-free and comforting. Here’s how to organize it accordingly –

  1. Don’t let your bedroom become a storage space just because you’re moving into a limited space. Keep it free of the things that do not belong there and it’ll become easier for you to keep it organized. Use the closet, the garage, the attic and the basement for storage.
  2. One of the best ways to prevent your dirty clothes from cluttering the bedroom is by placing storage bins or bags under your bed or in a corner of the room. That will work better than tossing your laundry on the floor, the top of your bureaus and the nightstand.
  3. Speaking of clothes, make it a point to not let your clean laundry pile up on your bed or your chair either. Put it where it belongs. This goes for your shoes as well.
  4. Do set your bedding every morning. Doing so will make your bedroom look much more organized and neater.

Listless Living Room

Listless Living Room

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It makes sense to keep the living room space chaos-free as this is one area which is bound to experience tremendous traffic. Here are a few tips for that –

  1. To make your living area look more spacious, leave sufficient space between pieces of furniture.
  2. As far as placing items/collections on the end tables and the center table is concerned, limit the number to a few aesthetic and functional items such as books, coasters, and ashtrays. Clear the surface of remote controllers, stray cables, and newspapers.
  3. If you can, say adieu to multiple remote controls and get yourself a universal one which allows you to control all the electronic devices in the room.
  4. Get rid of all the monthly publications, catalogues, and papers to make more space to accommodate the updated ones.

Kitchen Capers

Kitchen Capers

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Kitchen space is always precious and more is less when it comes to this part of the house. Here’s how to keep it organized and use it to the maximum capacity.

  1. It makes sense to create mini-stations (like in restaurant kitchens) for chores like cleaning, storage, prepping, cooking, storing food, and so on in a sequential order to minimize the need to move all around it to get the job done.
  2. When using cabinets and cupboards, place things that you rarely use higher-up or lower-down the shelves. Things that you use frequently should be easy to access and hence, should be placed well within your reach.
  3. If you cannot arrange your kitchenware horizontally due to a lack of space, try doing it vertically. For example, you can stack your cups and saucers on top of each other as well as assemble your canisters, and hang your ladles vertically.
  4. Label your boxes before storing them for ease of finding ingredients as well as distinguishing between them. Or group them as per the contents. Lentils go together on one shelf, spices in another, sweeteners in yet another. You get the drift!


Keeping your home clean and organized need not be a frustrating experience. It can get a little overwhelming when your better (or worse) half isn’t on the page as you are, but you can always plan ahead about how you will organize the available space and make your home a harmonious place to stay which brims with positive energy. With a little understanding, cooperation and help from the above tips, you should be able to balance things well.



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