So now that you’ve seen some of the gift ideas for Micah’s teachers and classmates, and seen how the amazing gift for Micah’s classmates turned out…I wanted to share the gift of choice for Micah’s teachers.

Drum roll, please…LOL

We chose DIY Handmade Movie Night Redbox Gift Basket Teacher Gift Idea from Surviving a Teacher’s Salary.


Of course, we tweaked it a little and made it our own…and ended up with this final result!

Popcorn & a Movie Baskets (2)

If you’re interested, here is how we did it…

Popcorn & a Movie Baskets (3)

First, we started out with all of the goodies…

Popcorn basket (small and large sizes)– We found these at our local Dollar Tree. Although I wanted to get the round bucket from my blog inspiration, I was really excited when I found these since I felt it would hold a lot more.

Movie candy and chocolate, including Sour Patch Kids, M&Ms, Skittles, Starburst, Twix, and Kit Kat – We found the majority of these at our local Wal-Mart in the seasonal aisle.

Hot chocolate – Depending on the movie, you may need a cup of hot chocolate. Swiss Miss is my absolute favorite, and the French Vanilla is to die for. We found these cute single cup penguin packets at our local Wal-Mart.

Tissue paper – Since the popcorn basket was so deep, I bought 2 stacks of sparkly tissue papers (Micah’s choice) at our local Dollar Tree and used 1 stack per basket. Micah had tons of fun stuffing the tissue paper at the bottom of the basket.

Movie popcorn – The popcorn basket would not be complete without movie-style popcorn. I love Pop-Secret, and the movie style butter is just an added touch to make this basket perfect.

And lastly…

Netflix gift card – We got both of Micah’s teachers a Netflix gift card from Target, instead of the Redbox gift card.

Popcorn & a Movie Baskets (4)

Putting it all together was really very simple too! In the larger popcorn basket, I added the two smaller baskets in the back. Then, Micah stuffed all the tissue in and around the smaller baskets and covered the entire bottom of the larger popcorn basket. This ensures that all of the goodies stuck out a bit at the top. After several tests, I realized that we would need to add the entire pack to ensure that the goodies stuck out like I planned.

Once the tissue paper was added, it was time for the goodies.

Popcorn & a Movie Baskets (5)

First, I added the popcorn directly to the front, and added the packs of Kit Kat and Twix directly behind it. Then I added some candy and hot chocolate directly behind those. This was a tight fight, which was perfect to avoid too much movement in the basket.  Then, I added the smaller boxes of candy and chocolate inside the smaller popcorn basket. This was also a tight fight, since the smaller baskets are not that wide.

Then I added the pièce de résistance…


These adorable Popcorn Box Movie Giftcard Holder from twopaperpals (Etsy shop can be found here).

We tucked the Netflix gift cards in this adorable gift card holder and it was all done!

Popcorn & a Movie Baskets (6)

We absolutely loved putting this together, and the faces of his teachers when they received it was so utterly beautiful. I was happy that we could make their day, even if for just a little bit.

What are you getting for your children’s teachers? What did you give your child’s teachers in the past? Share in the comments below!

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