My Top 34 (20 + 14) Favorite – But Not So Popular – EMA Posts in 2014

Planning for 2015: Blog With Purpose. Blog with Passion.
Epic Mommy Adventures Turns 2! + Top Posts of 2014

Yesterday, I celebrated my 2nd year blogiversary here on Epic Mommy Adventures (woohoo!!!)!!! I’m still surprised that I’ve made it this far blogging, and that I’m still rearing to go. It has been such a personal journey, and each year, I seem to be getting a little better at this whole writing experience. Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing some things that I’ll be doing in 2015…so today, I wanted to share my personal faves from 2014!


January - March

  1. Therapy Session: I’m An Emotional Wreck Right Now
  2. Can Someone Really Love Me For Me?
  3. 3 Tips for Becoming A Stress-Free Single Mom…And Having Fun With Your Children Again!
  4. The Asthma Diagnosis…and the Havoc It’s Creating on My Son’s Life
  5. Powerful Tips for Single Moms from Oprah’s Lifeclass



  1. You Might Be A Single, Working Mom of a Toddler If…
  2. Mommy Meltdown: Easter Egg Hunt in the Toilet Bowl
  3. 6 Tips for A Successful Picture Day for Your Toddler
  4. Random Thoughts From An Exhausted Single Mom
  5. 90% of Being a Dad is Just Showing Up…
  6. When Is The Right Time To Tell Your Child That You Have Cancer?
  7.  The Phenomenal Woman’s Legend Will Live On Forever


July - September

  1. I Can’t Take It Anymore! : Tips to End Baby Daddy Drama
  2. Single Moms: Take Advantage of These 6 Tips For Choosing Your Next Man More Wisely
  3. 17 Life Lessons Learned from “Frozen”
  4. Sometimes Being Sick and Tired Gives You The Strength To Press On
  5. How To Build A Bookshelf With Your Toddler…And Enjoy It!
  6. Potty Training Alert: No More Diapers For This 3-Year Old
  7. How Would You Handle This Awkward Phone Call?
  8. Getting Back to Basics: Spending the Day at the Beach
  9. Beware! I’m Potty Training A Boy: Tips for Success!
  10. The Everyday Battle of Brushing a Toddler’s Teeth…and Lessons Learned
  11. My Son Plays With Dolls…Why Do You Care??


  1. Let’s Talk About Sex, and the Single Mom
  2. Halloween Faves, Day 2: 15 Halloween Treats Perfect for Toddlers
  3. Yep, He’s Still In My Bed: A Co-Sleeping Update
  4. Phone Calls, Promises, and Popsicles – Oh My! How My Son Connects with His Daddy
  5. Mommy, Where’s Your Meatball? A Tale About Testicles + Tips for Discussion
  6. 10 Things I’m Thankful for This Thanksgiving
  7. Yes, I’m An African-American Woman and Single Mom…But I’m More Than Just A Statistic
  8. A Single Mom’s Thanksgiving: How 7 Single Moms Spent Thanksgiving This Year
  9. Popcorn & A Movie Baskets – Perfect for the Teachers in Your Life
  10. Chocolate Chip and M&M Cookies: Christmas Treats for Preschoolers
  11. Why Can Dogs Poop Outside, But I Can’t?
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