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*Disclaimer:  We were gifted reading readiness products from Nemours in exchange for an honest review. However, all opinions are my own.**

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As you may know, I am a huge advocate for early childhood literacy.  I believe it is important, no essential, for our young ones to learn how to read, enhance their imaginative and creative skills, embrace culture and diversity, and find a love for reading and learning.

My family believed in education, literacy, and learning, and that’s why I learned how to read letters from my mom (I lived with my grandparents) when I was only 2 years old. I had a profound love of learning, and I still do.  I love that I have handed down that same love of reading and learning to my son, who is exceeding my expectations in so many ways.  I truly believe that I am, and will continue to be, an influential aspect to my child’s ability to learn and grow, and will help to shape the adult that he will be.

Did you know? More than 30 percent of children enter kindergarten without the language and early literacy foundation needed to be successful.  Most struggling readers who fail to catch up by third grade will remain behind in reading for the rest of their schooling. Without intervention, deficits in early literacy can lead to reading challenges or even reading failure later on.

This is a truly a depressing thought, don’t you agree? But it is definitely one that we can make a change today.  Us as parents (and the teachers who will eventually teach our children), have an important responsibility to ensure that our children read and learn.

Although my son is doing very well, I am sometimes challenged trying to identify activities to reinforce the skills that we have learned and the reading that we’ve done.  That’s why I am so excited to share with you about an initiative that I just learned about, ReadingBrightStart!

Reading BrightStart home page


Nemours BrightStart!’s mission is to promote reading success and prevent reading failure for all children, focusing on birth to age 8. Through innovative programs, research, advocacy and partnerships, we design and implement unique and highly effective tools and training that consistently yield life-changing results.

Although ReadingBrightStart! has been available for some time, the launch of the website,, allows every parent, early childhood educator, health care professional, etc. to access the tools created by Nemours Children Health System free of charge. is a free online tool focused on equipping parents and educators with the tools needed for young children ages birth through five to be better prepared for kindergarten and beyond.

Last week, I attended an educational webinar on the importance of early childhood literacy and resources available to parents and caregivers through, and I was enlightened by the impact the lack of literacy skills could create on a child, and the adult that they will become.  I was also inspired by the number of tools available on to help both me and my child continue to build upon his skills and prepare him for kindergarten and the future.

The Preschool Reading Screener is possibly my favorite aspect of the website.  It helps to identify what areas we have to focus on and provides a clear explanation of what to do to help your child be successful.

Tested by over 4,000 diverse families, the Preschool Reading Screener is specifically for children ages 3-5. The Screener provides parents with an assessment of their child for their age and recommends a customized plan filled with tips, books, skills, and more to help your child be successful.


preschool reading screenerpreschool reading screener - customized action plan But there is still so much more available on the website…

You can find articles for parents, at-home activities, recommended books, pre-reading milestones and skills, and so much more – and they are all categorized by age, so you can find all of these amazing tools specifically for your child’s age.


What are you doing to help your young child prepare for kindergarten? Share in the comments below!

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