Halloween Faves, Day 2: 15 Halloween Treats Perfect for Toddlers

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With Micah’s Halloween party right around the corner, I’ve been trying to figure out some perfect treats that I could take to the party. Like any self-respecting blogger and mommy, I decided to head to Pinterest to find some treats perfect for the Halloween party.

Halloween Faves

Today’s 7 Days of Halloween Faves post is a collection of some of my favorite Halloween treats that would be perfect for Micah’s party, as well as for you to have for your family!


I’ll be mixing it up and providing 15 of my favorite ideas found on Pinterest and elsewhere!


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1. Halloween Cupcakes with Candy Corn Buttercream : Created by the genius that is Angela from LeMoine Family Kitchen, the cupcake itself is just a boxed mix but the candy corn buttercream is homemade and I’m sure is completely amazing! And the toppings are simple crafts from the local craft store. You’ll love these cupcakes for Halloween.


2. Monster Mash : Shared by the amazing Jan from An Ideal Mom, Monster Mash is a scrumptious banana bread, which can be mixed with pudding or yogurt.


3. Pumpkin Pudding Cups : This fun and adorable pumpkin faced pudding cups could definitely be a hit with the party.  Another creation by Angela from LeMoine Family Kitchen, these pudding cups look and taste amazing!


4. Easy Pumpkin Rice Krispies Treats for Halloween : We just love Rice Krispies treats, and this could truly be a hit. Designed to look just like pumpkins – I absolutely love this fun and adorable treat.

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5. Clementine Pumpkins : I saw another parent bring this to last year’s Halloween party, and I thought they were so simple, yet so creative. This is an easy treat, and the kids loved them!


6. Jack-O-Lantern Orange Fruit Cups : Made completely of fruit, this is an awesome healthy snack for Halloween. I’m sure the kids would love eating some fruit from their very own pumpkin made from a navel orange.


7. Mini Donut Spiders : All you need for this fun and easy treat are large pretzel twists, mini donuts, M&Ms, and a little frosting or chocolate – who wouldn’t love these things separately. Why not all together as a spider?


8. Green Marshmallow Treat Monsters : Another Rice Krispies treat, yes, but this one is amazing. Designed as silly-looking Frankensteins, it’s pretty fun and I’m sure it would be delicious!


9. Pretzel Pumpkins : Only 3 ingredients, these Pretzel Pumpkins would be an easy treat for the Halloween party.


10. Pumpkin Popcorn Balls : Micah and I LOVE popcorn. Honestly, we shouldn’t eat it that often since it gets all in our teeth, but we can’t help it. This adorable treat might be just perfect for us, but will it be perfect for his class?


11. Mummy Dogs : Toddlers and preschoolers love hot dogs, at least my son does! These mummy hot dogs are the perfect fit for Halloween.  I even tried them recently and they were a hit here at my house.


12. Full Moon Pumpkin Patch Pudding Cups! : Aren’t these pudding cups creative? My son just recently started enjoying chocolate pudding cups, and I’m sure he would enjoy this treat. I’m so glad that it’s a full moon instead of a head stone, so it makes it less scary. This may be a good treat for his class!


13. Grape Caterpillar Kabobs : Whenever we go to the supermarket, Micah always has to get green grapes. When we searching on Pinterest to find some treats, he spotted this one and had to have it! This treat is so simple, and most importantly, so healthy.


14. Black Cat Oreos : Love these black cats! The eyes are so cute and the little button nose and ears are adorable.


15. Crow-eos : Party Pinching seems to have tons of perfect Halloween treats, and this one looks absolutely adorable and scrumptious.


So what do you think? Of these favorites that I selected, which would be a great choice for a group of 3-4 year olds? Share in the comments below.

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  1. I loved your list Nat! My kids loved the pudding so much that they still want to make another for this weekend.

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