Take Me Out To The Ball Game: Our Afternoon with the Staten Island Yankees {Sponsored Post}

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Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for the Staten Island Yankees. I received tickets for the game as well as food vouchers to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

I have been on a mission all summer to find fun, yet affordable, activities for both me and my son to enjoy.  We have done many things so far, including visiting the Jersey Shore, enjoying one-day free town events, and enjoying free softball games at my job’s softball league.  Each time, we’ve had tons of fun and we spent little to no money on our escapades.

So when I found out about this opportunity through Mom Central Consulting to attend a Staten Island Yankees game…I was on-board to make this fun and affordable!  We haven’t really been to the city this summer, so this was a great opportunity to enjoy some summer fun at the ballpark.

This post (and this program overall) focuses on raising awareness about the Staten Island Yankees and the latest amenities that their games offer to families who attend games.

Staten Island Yankees feature

Before I share our afternoon with the Staten Island Yankees, I will share some more about the franchise (especially since I didn’t know anything about them prior to finding this campaign!). Brought to Staten Island in 1999, the Staten Island Yankees — nicknamed “Baby Bombers” — are a minor-league baseball team, whose home lies at the Richmond County Bank Ballpark, which is only a short commute from the surrounding boroughs as well as northern New Jersey (I live in southern New Jersey and it was only an hour’s drive to get there; honestly, it wasn’t a bad commute at all!).  The minor league experience allows families to enjoy an outdoor activity that is convenient and cost-effective for the entire family.  Games run all summer – from June to September.  The Staten Island Yankees have great ways to entertain their fans, including a dance team – the Pinstripe Patrol – and two mascots – Scooter the “Holy Cow” and his brother, Red.  The Staten Island Yankees are partly-owned by the New York Yankees franchise and even designed their jersey similar to the NY Yankees jersey.  The ballpark is under new management and has revamped the menu offerings and the overall game experience.  There are even theme nights like the Disney Pirates and Princesses night on July 30th during their costume week.

Follow the Staten Island Yankees on the following:

  • Staten Island Yankees website: http://atmilb.com/1x4QL1c
  • Staten Island Yankees Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/StatenIslandYankees
  • Staten Island Yankees Twitter page: @SIYanks
  • Staten Island Yankees Instagram account: @SIYankees

Take advantage of promotional discounts for an upcoming Staten Island Yankees game! Use the code “mommy” here!

As part of the campaign, we received the following:

  • Up to 4 tickets to a home game of my choice in the month of July
  • 2 $14 food vouchers to sample some food at the game
  • Free parking at a parking lot next to the ballpark

I scheduled our trip for Saturday, July 19th for us to enjoy our first Staten Island Yankees game, and along with Micah, I decided to bring my dear friends Titi, Momo and Arná.  We arrived at the game a bit early, allowing us to explore a bit before the game started at 7pm.  After picking up our tickets at Will Call, we headed into the park.  If you’ve never been to the Richmond County Bank Ballpark, you should definitely take a trip out there.  The park is beautifully located on the northeastern tip of Staten Island, overlooking the New York Harbor.  It is truly a beautiful sight to behold!

We walked through the entire ballpark, taking in the scenery.  There were so many concession stands available and so much to see.  We stood in line to get some goodies before finding our seats.  The wait was a bit long, but I’ve honestly experienced worse at the grocery store, so I wasn’t complaining that much.  Plus, the food was delicious! We had popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, funnel cakes, and even had a few drinks.  I had expected the vouchers to be exhausted fairly quickly, but everything was fairly affordable.  In all, I believe we spent less than $10 outside of the vouchers (the drinks tipped the scale a little bit lol).  I have never been to the park before, but I was told that the menu was just recently revamped.

When we finally got to our seats, we were pleasantly surprised – we had awesome seats! We were sitting directly behind the Yankees dugout! This allowed us to snap some great pictures of the game and the field.

Here are some pictures of us exploring and enjoying our seats:

Staten Island Yankees

Here are some pictures I was able to take of the players on the field:


I took all of these fabulous pictures just using my camera on my cell phone, and without using zoom! It was really a great experience to feel that I was right down there on the field playing with them!

Here are also some video recordings of some of the activities during the the Staten Island Yankees game:

At the end of the game, there were some amazing fireworks right on the bay:

So what was our favorite part of the experience? Here are quotes from all of us!

Titi: “I enjoyed the full experience – the atmosphere, cleanliness, the family friendliness, and the game was really fun.  Even if you are not a baseball fan, there are so many different things to keep you engaged – you will become a baseball fan if you attend a Staten Island Yankees game.”

Morgan: “The whole game was fun, because I like baseball.  But everything else made the game fun too – the shirt toss, the players signing balls, how they interacted with the crowds and fans, and the food was good  The fireworks were nice.  Everything ran on schedule!”

Arná: “The food was great! lol”

Me: “One experience in particular stood out to me – it just shows how people are kind and the employees are just so willing to help.  We were going back and forth between the bathrooms and the concession stands and our seats.  During one particular event, I was walking back with Micah on my own (and also carrying loaded nachos with tons of beef and cheese) when  Micah decides that he wants me to carry him.  He has this thing where he doesn’t want to hold my hand, and I refused to allow him to just walk ahead of me, there were just too many people around.  So he asked me to pick him up instead.  It was an accident waiting to happen.  Luckily, only the forks fell to the ground and Micah’s elbow went into the nachos.  But a fellow fan ran to my side and helped me by wiping Micah’s elbow with her napkin.  And one of the employees ran to my side and helped me by getting me a new set of forks and carrying the nachos all the way back to my seat.  It was surprising to see how many people jumped to my aid.  Although the whole experience was fun and enjoyable, that experience will stand out in my mind about our time at the Staten Island Yankees game.”

Micah: “I saw the baseball…I love baseball!” (This is a direct quote!)

Do I recommend for others to attend a State Island Yankees game? Absolutely!!! I never really enjoyed baseball before – watching the game on television always presented such a boring game.  However, being at a live game is so incredibly entertaining.  We were dodging foul balls, trying to compete to get t-shirts, watching the activities in between innings, hoping for home runs and instead being disappointed as the outfielder caught the ball – the whole experience is just so fun and enjoyable.  We will definitely be making the hike back there to try out another Staten Island Yankees game.

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  1. Looks like tons of fun! Although not a huge baseball fan, I certainly can’t wait to take Baby Boy to a game, if for nothing more than the experience! 🙂

    • I’m not a huge baseball fan either, but I had so much fun! The whole experience is worthy trying it at least one time! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

  2. I’ve always found minor league baseball games just a little more fun than major league games. The players are good, but not too good. There just seems to be more actions.

    • I completely agree! The experience just seems to be better at a minor league baseball game. I look forward to enjoying more games this summer! 🙂

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