Did You Know That July 3rd is Compliment Your Mirror Day? I just found out about Compliment Your Mirror Day…and I am so happy that it exists!

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Compliment Your Mirror Day is all about recognizing your own beauty on the inside and out. It is about appreciating that beauty, and building up your own self-esteem. It’s so easy to lose ourselves in the every day rush – parenting, homemaker, worker, blogger, whatever there is – that you forget to focus on you and giving yourself the love that you so desperately need and deserve.

We also live in a society where our physical appearance becomes so important to determining beauty, and we sometimes take extreme measures to fit within those standards.  We focus on changing our image to fit within societal requirements; however, we forget that we are each beautiful in our own beautiful way, and it’s time that we begin to appreciate, respect, and accept that.

Although it’snot July 3rd anymore, it is still important to compliment your mirror everyday.  So I’ve decided to share some things that I do to compliment myself each day. Be prepared LOL!

  • Stand in front of the mirror each morning in all of your glory and exclaim, “I am woman (or man), hear me roar!” It’s a good way to start the morning, full of confidence and raw power. Trust me, you’ll laugh, and your day will be a little bit brighter with the acknowledgment.
  • Whenever you pass by a mirror, smile into it and compliment yourself. “Don’t I look amazing?”
  • On the days where you’re feeling out of sorts, wear your favorite color or that awesome outfit that just makes you feel like a phoenix.
  • Focus on self-lifting things about yourself, rather than self-deprecating things. For example, say “my eyes are bright and beautiful today” rather than “if it wasn’t for those crow’s feet, my eyes would be beautiful”
  • Pamper yourself with a mani/pedi (this goes for goes too by the way) or a facial. You will walk away feel good and refreshed.
  • Stand in front of the mirror again each night, and do something silly – it could be a little song and dance with your brush as the microphone or it could be a push-up competition with your little one (my son and I do this one many nights!)

In the end, it doesn’t matter what you do to showcase your inner and outer beauty; the goal is to love and compliment yourself each day because you are beautiful.

How do you compliment yourself each day?

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