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Just recently, I was talking to a friend of mine about buying a car for his teenage daughter.  He mentioned that he was having a hard time with the experience because although he really wanted to buy the vehicle and she completely deserved it, he wasn’t sure if he was going about it the right way. He wanted her to have the best, but he understood that she would want a cool and fun vehicle. Therefore,  he was challenged with how to go about the research and the purchase.

And it got me to thinking about what I would do when Micah is old enough to get his first car.  I want to make the experience for him everything that mine wasn’t. I know there’s a possibility that it may not happen, but still I want to create a fulfilling experience if at all possible.

Being the geek that I am (lol), I decided to do some research to help him in making this vehicle purchase for his firstborn child that much simpler. I researched some tips that would make car-buying for your teen that much easier. And I shared it in this post!

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