A few days ago, I was reading through a few blogs and found a post that inspired me — You Might Be a Working Mommy if… from Tina at One Tired Working Mommy. Inspired by Jeff Foxworthy and his line of “You Might be a Redneck if” jokes, she prepares a post of things that helps to identify you as a tired working mommy.

I decided to prepare a list of things that may express how you might be a tired single working mom of a toddler. Hope you enjoy it!


You Might Be a Tired Single Working Mom of a Toddler if…

  • You drive back and forth between your house and your child’s day care center at least 2-3 times in the morning because you forgot your child’s lunch, then sippy cup, and finally their bedding. (Why do toddlers need so much stuff??!!)
  • While taking a shower, you yell for your child to make sure they are still alive and kicking.
  • You buy McDonald’s at least 2-3 times a week as a snack until you can decide on what you’re going to cook for dinner, if you even cook dinner.
  • You quickly sign up to bring plates, napkins, and utensils to EVERY upcoming event at your child’s school.
  • Your entire schedule during the week depends on the Open hours of your child’s daycare center. (Do you know how much you can get done between 6:00am and 6:30pm??!!)
  • You can recite every song that comes on Nick Jr., Disney Jr., and Sprout and your singing is triggered by a word someone used in a meeting at work. Then the song is stuck in your head for the remainder of the day. (I’m really paying attention, huh?)
  • You set your alarm a little earlier than usual while your child is still asleep so you can take a long relaxing shower, but instead you hit the snooze button on your alarm to squeeze in 10 more minutes of sleep.
  • You’re thankful that it’s winter so you don’t have to shave your legs because all you can afford is a 5-minute shower every day.
  • You drift off while your child is playing and wake up with stickers on your face and arm.
  • You put a load of clothes to wash several times over several days because you keep forgetting that the load is still in the washer.
  • You pick out your work outfit from the clothes that is sitting in the dryer.
  • You don’t take out the remaining clothes in the dryer after you take out your work outfit.
  • You have tons of pictures of your child at work, but barely any of you.
  • Your DVR is filled to capacity, but more with Nick Jr. shows than shows for you.
  • You get pissed when the line-up changes on Nick Jr. because you knew exactly what times your child would be completely engaged with the television and now they want attention from you.
  • You go to sleep alone in your bed and wake up when your child’s foot smacks you in the face.
  • You work out in your dreams because you surely have no time to do it while you’re awake.
  • On the rare occasion you get to your child’s daycare earlier than normal for pickup, you take a nap in your car so you pick them up right on time.
  • You choose your battles carefully – fight your child because they want to bring a toy hammer to class? Nope! Let the teacher pry it from your child’s hands.
  • You choose your battles carefully – your child wants an ice pop for dinner? Go for it!
  • You always bring your female friends with you to your child’s school events to the point that other parents become concerned that you are lesbian parents.
  • You can’t wait for your friends to come over for a visit because it means a parenting break for at least 20 minutes.
  • You spend more time sleeping and cleaning while your child is visiting their father, rather than going out and spending time with your friends.
  • A guy approaches you to say hi and your child yells “Don’t talk to my mommy! That’s my mommy!” (Run, man, run!)
  • You go into a semi-coma (my phrase for falling asleep and unable to wake up except for simple tasks like changing the channel or grabbing a snack and some juice for your child) at least once a month, while your child sits next to you and watches television.
  • You’re inspired to write your own post about being a tired single working mommy of a toddler.

Ok, that’s enough writing for the moment. I am in fact a tired single working mommy of a toddler so time for me to go take a nap. Hope you enjoyed it!

Are you a tired, single working mommy of a toddler? Share your reasons here!

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