For the past few weeks, I’ve been in somewhat of a rut – couldn’t write, couldn’t think, I was lost…but guess what, the randomness is back!

And right when it came back, Micah started to drive me up a wall. Yes, I’ll admit it. Sometimes, he really just drives me absolutely batty. But he can’t help it, he’s 2. I just have to learn how to better handle myself from losing my mind in the process.


Recently, he has been on a mission to wear the word Mommy into the ground. 99% of the time, it happens when I’m on the phone.  I find myself saying “What?” to him a lot because the constant attacks start to wear on my patience. He’s really challenging my resolution of building a higher patience and tolerance level!

Last night, I realized how bad it was as I spoke to my mom on the phone. While I’m chatting with her telling her the latest that Micah has done, including all the crazy things he did at his dentist appointment and the ‘box’ episode (I’ll tell you about that in another post lol), Micah starts on his barrage but he was saying Mom-mom, Mom-mom, Mom-mom (that’s what he calls my mom and his paternal grandmother. He’ll have to learn soon to distinguish the two, but for now, they’re both Mom-mom). Anyway, he goes on and on and my mom keeps responding, “Yes, Micah. What do you want?” Each time, he continues saying Mom-mom, Mom-mom, Mom-mom. I laugh at my mom, saying that he didn’t want anything and that he does the same to me.

He stopped for a moment and looks at me dead in the eye. His eyebrows were furrowed and he was hard at work trying to figure out the whole situation. Then the light bulb lit up – and he says, “I mean…Mommy, Mom, Mama, Mommy!”

Aha! I’m sitting there laughing at my mom all this time and he’s really calling me! My mom fell out of her dining room chair laughing at us (literally!). I was laughing so hard that I forgot that she was a senior citizen and shouldn’t be falling out of her chair. Luckily, she got back up easily and we calmed down enough for me to show some concern for her falling. Micah was even laughing too! He thought all of it was all a joke. When he realized that we were all done laughing, he started up again, “Mommy! Can I have a pee-pop (ice pop)?”

I walked to the freezer and grabbed him an ice pop, still talking to my mom, and having him trailing in front saying “C’mon Mommy! Get up! Hurry! Mama, I want pee-pop! Where did Mommy go? Can I have a pee-pop please?”

The word Mommy – oh how I hate thee!


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