9 Tips for a Better Relationship with your Baby Daddy

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Trying to be civil around my son’s father is possibly the single most difficult thing that I’ve had to do – aside from giving birth and raising my son as a single mom. Ok, so it’s not the single most difficult thing that I’ve done, but it ranks really high.

But in the past year, I have built a better relationship with my son’s father and just by using these 9 tips! But realize, this is more for those that are attempting to have a better relationship for the sake of the children. If you’re trying to get back together with your child’s father, then this is not the post for you.

This post is focused more on the single mom perspective, but please know that this works for all single parents!

Tips for Better Relationship with Baby Daddy

1. Do you really want this? Decide why you want a better relationship with your child’s father.  Is it so that your child can have a relationship with their father? Are you tired of the constant fighting and arguments? Do you just want to be the bigger person? Figure it out. Don’t push for a better relationship with your child’s father until you realize the true reason why you want it.

2. Release the emotional baggage. Did your relationship end poorly? Did you take him to Maury and you got all up in his face when it was confirmed that he was the father? Are you angry at him for taking care of another child and not taking care of yours? These are legitimate reasons to be bitter or angry, but it’s not helping anyone to hold onto that. Is it going to benefit your child? No. Is it going to help you in the long run? No. So, let go of it. Stop rehashing it and let go of the past – remember that you’re doing this for your child.

3. Come up with a plan. One of my goals for this year is to stop planning everything, but you know what? Sometimes it’s necessary to plan things. Why go through all this when you don’t have a plan for what you hope to achieve? You just want a good relationship with your child’s father? Or do you want to figure out the best way for your child to have his father in his life and have everyone happy too??!! A plan is a good way to keep you both grounded and focused. If you haven’t set up regular visitation, come up with a plan. If you haven’t set up child support, figure out how you can split things up. Although it could be a painful conversation, it’s a necessary one and neither one of you will be trying to read each others mind – it will be clear how to move forward.

4. Have an open discussion. Sit down and have a conversation with your child’s father. Go to a public place and have lunch, especially if you anticipate an argument or confrontation. Be open and honest about your desire to have a better and more positive relationship with them for the sake of your child.

5. Expect resistance. Just because you are ready for a better relationship and you’ve determined your focus, doesn’t mean that your child’s father is ready. And don’t get angry about that! Even if he’s ready too doesn’t mean that there won’t be resistance. Be prepared for this to take some time.

6. Include himWill your child be the tree in his school play? Is he auditioning for the math club? Invite your child’s father to be a part of it. Even if he doesn’t show up, he will appreciate your desire for him to be a part of your child’s life. And if he doesn’t show up, send him a picture of your child at the event and give him a call with an update on what happened.  Trust me, he’ll appreciate it – and he’ll probably show up next time.

7. Mention the positives; don’t always point out his faults. I have a really bad habit of pointing out something negative in my son’s personality and claiming “that’s his daddy in him.” I’m joking most of the time because my son is very much like me, in too many ways. But he has some really good qualities from his father. When I speak to his father, I mention that our son is really good with tools (he really is, he can name every tool in the toolbox) – his father is really handy and can rip a car apart and build it back up. You can hear the sense of pride in his voice when I mention these positive qualities.

8. Stop making threats, make promises. This is a biggie…so he did something to piss you off? Then be angry and let him know that you are. Stop threatening to take your child away. Now, this is an entirely different story if he is placing your child in an unsafe environment or causing physical harm. Then, this is even more important – stop making threats, take your child away! But for the every day stupid stuff, go back to having a conversation and level-set the situation. Many times it is needed to just reset the relationship, then things are better than before.

9. Time can be your best friend or your worst enemy. In time, things will get better or it could get worse – who knows. But you’ve got to put in the effort to make things a little better to benefit your child.  It may be a bit rough around the edges and you may fall back into your bad habits, but at the end of the day, it could be a lot better than before.

About Natasha

Hi, I'm Natasha! I'm a 30-something Program Manager and blogger at Epic Mommy Adventures. Most importantly, I'm a single mom to my adorable son, who drives me nuts in one moment and melts my heart in the next. I enjoy sharing our epic stories, giving advice to other single moms, and sharing my co-parenting woes. I also share blog hops, giveaways, product reviews, and so much more. Join the fun!


  1. These are all really good tips. I agree fully on including him when you’re child has events or something big going on. I personally don’t care about my baby dads ego and feelings, but I still let him know if Dominic has something going on, and as a parent if you wish to be there here is the info- and I let him decide, and if he chooses not to be there, that’s on him, and I say nothing more about it.

    My biggest tip is to stop reacting to him and forgive him. Doesn’t make it right that they left, but at least you can feel free to move on. The only thing that makes emotions subside is time. I make sure that if his dad starts yammering about anything other then my son that I redirect the conversation back to my child. The best thing you can do for your own peace of mind, is not care what his dad is doing outside of the child (and doesn’t affect the child) and if they volunteer information just to chit chat, brag, or make you jealous, you simply don’t respond.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Emily. I include Micah’s father in all of his events, and it’s up to him to decide whether he wants to be included or not. I can’t control that at all. If he doesn’t show up, I do give him an update because Micah is so excited about it and wants to share.

      You make an excellent point – stop reacting to him and forgive him. We allow ourselves to get upset by allowing our child’s father to get under our skin. I refuse to give him that level of power, at least not any more. When we speak, it’s all about our child, especially now that Micah has asthma. It is important to have that open conversation, especially when your child is as young as Micah is. And you made another excellent point – stop caring about what your child’s father is doing outside of the child. As long as it doesn’t affect our child, I don’t worry about it.

      Thanks so much for your comment! I really appreciate it! 🙂

  2. I can totally attest to these tips. The biggest one in my opinion is to let go of the past when you are trying to move forward.

    • I am glad that you agree with these tips. You surely cannot move forward without letting go of the past. So many forget this and get trapped in the bitterness.

  3. These sound like great tips. I think it’s great that you’re trying to have a better relationship with your ex. I hope a lot of people are reading this and following it! It’s really hard for the kids when their parents aren’t getting along. I wish my parents had realized that when my brothers and I were kids.

    • Thanks for stopping by and reading my post! I”m glad that you appreciate my desire to have a better relationship with my son’s father. I’m 30 and my mom is still angry and bitter at what my father did to her before I was even born. It’s so important to let go of the past and move forward. It’s worth it for your children and for yourself.

  4. I’m not apart from my husband, but I grew up without my father, for some of the reasons you discussed above. It’s so important to realize that you want the relationship to work first so that your child has the opportunity to know their parent without the burden of choosing sides. Thank you for sharing with Turn it Up!

    • It is so important to understand why you want to make it work or it won’t work at all. I grew up with my father only having limited contact with me, but now he has regular contact with me and it makes me question whether my mom had anything to do with why he only had limited contact with me. It put me (and continues to) in the middle and having to choose sides. Because of this, I feel it ever more important to build a better relationship with my son’s father so my son can have both his mom and his dad in his life.

  5. I love your post Natasha and I agree…. I did all these things you mention but some men just don’t get it…. Alex was a very verbal, mentally, emotional individual to me. I tried everything but he doesn’t participate in anything… Our daugter Jordin loves us both but he’s the most disrespectful, ungrateful man I have ever met… Our daughter has asthma too… He smokes and drinks and has a different woman ever3-6 months.. He have his friend guys in and out the house and I’m afraid my daughter might get molested. I tried talking to him about the right way to go and I get cursed out, and call names…. I tried to tell him about the events Jordin participates in school…. He never a shows up….. He’s a person that just don’t listen….. He’s not a person to communicate with…. I tried…..if the judge can’t get through to him, nobody can…. Anybody please give me advice on this situation

    Thank You

  6. I tried all of those tips… Alex is rude and disrespectful…. He is very verbal, emotionally, and mentally abusive to me…. Before and after…. We are no longer together. It’s been 7 years and he’s not a person you can just sit down and try to be civil bc he’s not happy with his life…. If you have a difficult babydaddy, how do u go about handling him? He doesn’t participate at all in any of our daughter school events…. He drinks and smokes and knows she has asthma… Every 3-6 months he changes women… There are men in and out of his house and I feel like when our daughter goes over there he shouldn’t have any company… She spends the night over there 2 a month…. He’s just rude and disrespectful and I can’t deal with it…. How can you deal with him?

  7. Natasha I did enjoy reading your post but I need advice about difficult babydaddy who never listen and always disrespect you bc they’re not happy.

  8. Ebonye Vaughn says:

    I tried all of these before, nothing works. Mainly because of his girlfriend. She has a bad relationship with her child’s father and feels that our relationship (me and my son’s father) is not right. We were very close … not sexual though. She won’t let him have anything to do with me and now he won’t have anything to do with his only son.

    • Is he on ChildSupport? Since he don’t want to have anything to do with his son, do what you need to do…. Put him on ChildSupport and continue doing what you do best for your son…. His father is the one missing out…. When men meet new women they let them change them… I been there and done that… Everytime Alex meet a new girl he slacks with spending time with his daughter…. I would love to get along with her father but he’s so disrespectful and abusive so the only thing I can do for our daughter is play mom and daddy and I’m good at it… I don’t worry about him because he’s not worth the headache… I continue to pray for him that “someday” he’ll get his act together…..

      • Absolutely! He is definitely on child support! I completely agree, his father is the one missing out. I can’t even fathom dealing with someone who is disrespectful and abusing. You may want to consider taking this issue to the courts if he’s truly that way to protect both yourself and your child. It’s just crazy what you’re going through! Wishing you the best!

      • Ebonye Vaughn says:

        Yeah, he on child support but she talked him into quitting and going back to school so now he does online school and stays home with her kids.

        • Oh wow! That’s truly unfortunate. Hopefully when he’s all done with school, he can get a good job and help to support your child. Wishing you the best! 🙂

    • That’s the tough thing…you don’t really know how it’s going to turn out. Even though things were going well for a while, it has turned sour again. It’s unfortunate that your child’s father allowed his current relationship to impact his relationship with his son. One day he will come to regret that decision, and it may be too late to repair. Thanks for sharing!

  9. brilliant tips, I am still not able to try to communicate well as there are reasons he cannot have contact, but if it ever changes these will come in useful!


  10. I’m hoping time will help me implement your plan. Great advice!
    #singleparentlinky http://www.threewaystobaby.com

  11. Hi Natasha

    Thank you so much for all this information, it couldn’t have come at a better time. He just came to fetch the baby now and as always there was yelling in the house.

    I’ll try and keep this short, well my problem/issue with Kamali’s father is that, he likes to say he’s coming to fetch the baby which never materializes most of the time and he dosent bother letting me know if he changes his mind, please advice on how to deal with that, it obviously gets me all worked up everytime is happened and I never know now to deal with it.

    2. He has obviously moved on, OUCH! I know ,and I’m still single, well I know all this because I secretly stalked him online and found out all this amazing things they do together which he never did with me or which the child, very stupid of me I know and I deserve to be hurt, but my question here is that, she calls our daughter with the same pet name she calls his girlfriend and that really hurts me for some odd reason, thinking about it I just want to cry, should I confront him about it or just leave it? But it really hurts and I wish him to stop

    Lastly, he came to my house unannounced just this afternoon to pick up Kamali, that got me very angry, how/should I address this, I honestly didn’t appreciate that.

    I’m rally new at this talking thing, so bear with me guys if i gave too many details

    PS: glad I found you guys and releasing to know that I’m not the only one

    • Your situation is not healthy for your child at all. The biggest issue I see is the lack of respect that he has for you as a person and the mother of his child. There is no reason why he should be telling you that he’s coming to get the baby, then never shows up, and appearing at your house unannounced. You should be angry, but you should find a way to have a conversation with him about why it’s unacceptable. I would recommend you meeting in a public location, and having the conversation about what you will and will not tolerate any longer. He should respect that you have boundaries, and this will eliminate you being angry about the things that he does. You’ll be able to make it clear that you and your daughter deserve better.

      Additionally, I know it’s tough that he moved on and you’re still single. But stalking him online only made it tougher for you. You have to move on from the relationship, the hurt, and the anger. You are only causing more emotional trauma for yourself – and honestly, it’s not healthy. Once you let go and move on, you probably won’t worry about the pet name any more. But if it really bothers you, I would recommend having the conversation with him that you are uncomfortable with the use of the pet name for your child.

      If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to me at 1epicmommy@gmail.com. I’m glad to talk any time you need it. Wishing you the best!

  12. Not all fathers are bad and I’m one of them , some baby momas will do they baby daddy’s wrong as he’ll and when they baby daddy’s leaves his baby moma after the bullshit she has done she starts to act bitter and trys everything In her power to keep the child from him . I’m only 18 and I never got to see my baby girl born because my baby moma went into labor and forgot to tell me or include me when she arrived at the hospital around 8 am and notified me around 6 pm that my child has been born already. I think she had anuff time to tell me. But it’s more to that story now I’m taking her to court she’s not taking me.. I want to be the best father I can to my beautiful daughter with out being with my baby moma. But instead she wants to make it hard on me even when me and her was together when she was pregnant I did the best I could to show her I was there for her and she told me out the blue ( random) that she was going to put me on child support just because … I feel anger not love no feelings for her. They been dead and I’m glad ❤, I got over her as soon as I lefth her. Not my child I have so much love for her.

    • I agree with you – there are some women that are horrible to the father of their children. And it seems that you are going through that experience yourself. I’m glad to hear that even at your young age, you are interested in being in your child’s life and going the legal route to make that happen since it doesn’t seem to happen otherwise. I applaud you for that. I’m not sure exactly what happened between you and your child’s mother, but it’s unfortunate that your child is in the middle. Wishing you the best – thanks for commenting and sharing your story.

  13. Hi guys been searching for this kind of insight, I have an 8 month year old baby boy and recently ended things with the father about 3 months now it left me broken inside emotionally and physically but things are better for me now he supports the baby financially but he is absent emotionally it hurts me bcoz I grew up with love from both my parents I want things to be better I’m tired of fighting every time we meet yo discuss baby things…Emily’s comment helped me today “don’t react but forgive” I like this thank u

    • I’m glad that this post, and the comments thereafter, was able to help you through your experience. It’s hard to be a solo parent, when all you want for your child is the love and support from both parents. It does get easier in time, especially when you learn to focus on being the best mom you can be. Feel free to stay in touch – I’d love to hear how things are going. Wishing you the very best! 🙂

  14. I have a 15 month old my child’s father I thought would be the best he beg me to have his child he was abusive while we were in the relationship but I thought things would get better last year we were living together and told me we were never together and hurt me bad by saying that he won’t pick his son up or keep him but every blue moon I will give h credit on that I put him on child support and came up with my own amount which was way below what he make and he still won’t pay now his mom and his soon to be wife are harassing me on the phone I’m trying to be nice cause I want him in his son life he may wanted a child but he don’t want financial responsibility and I don’t trust him to get our son if he do because of the childish people he’s around

    • You are in a tough situation, and I really do feel for you. You have to work on making your child’s father do his fair share in raising your child. And that does not mean for him to be in your child’s life, because you can’t force him to be in your child’s life if he is not interested in doing so. You should make sure that he is paying a fair amount in child support, and if he is not paying, you need to hold him accountable. His mom and his soon to be wife are harassing you on the phone because he allows it. You need to put an end to it, and quick. Make it known to all of them that you will not accept being harassed and abused any longer. If they continue to do so, gather your proof of the harassment and engage the courts. You need to put your foot down and let them know what you will and will not accept. If you allow it to go on any longer, it will only continue to escalate and get worse. Hope this helps! Wishing you the utmost best!

  15. Hello, I am writing this in a very tired state. My daughters Dad and I have not communicated well since I was pregnant and she is now 15 months. I have forgave him for all that he has done a month ago and that seemed to work a little. I have not put him on child support, because he has pleaded with me not to do so. He does help as far as diapers, clothes, sometimes shoes, and his mother and step father are very involved. They help when I attend school during the week and usually get her for a night during the weekend every week. So I do get help from his side of the family and my own side, but the communication between us is horrible! I sometimes can’t say hello without him catching an attitude. He gets so angry for no apparent reason and Im usually left confused at why he is even mad. We have both moved on, well im not seeing anyone exclusively and neither is he, but we both are dating other people. We have not been together since I was 2 months pregnant. He has done me so wrong, and I put it all behind me, tried to be nice, tried to talk, tried pretty much everything and we still can’t seem to communicate. He has made it clear that he does not want a relationship, and I have told him this is fine. I don’t know if that bothers him that I don’t care or what. We just can’t get on a positive note, he loves his daughter and I love that he does, but our relationship is HORRIBLE. Please help.

    • Hi Kendra, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having such a difficult time communicating with your child’s father. That is definitely key to a positive co-parenting relationship, and it’s unfortunate that you two are unable to communicate effectively. On the positive note, it sounds like you have support from both of your families to help with your daughter. There is time to build your co-parenting relationship with him, but in the meanwhile, you have to allow him the time and space to figure out what’s eating him. In time, the animosity may dissipate, and you can have a conversation with him about how he was feeling during this time. Until then, you just have to focus on taking care of your child and providing her with a loving environment with both of your families. Wishing you the utmost best!

  16. Natasha, girl you are my new sage, honey!!! Where were you 5 years ago? This is great advice. I’m definitely coming back to your website. You are so right, forging a relationship with my child’s father has me on edge. I’m not sure if I want to go there but I have to. My son asked me about him, and I was like “Gawd no!” I’m not ready for it because the joker evaded child support so that we couldn’t get an order in and has another child. I haven’t talked to him in years, but out of the blue, babymamma #2 decided to email me demanding to know what went on when he and i were together and what’s going on with us now. She further went to discuss how she’s heard so much about my child and I and how he really wants to see him and how much she loves my son’s father. I knew from her email that something was fishy. He hasn’t seen my son because he has made no real attempt. Her being nosy put me on alert because my kid has a disability. His father doesn’t know about the disability. Can I email you directly? I need advice.

    • Awww…thanks so much! Wow – you definitely are going through such an experience. It’s amazing to me what some men will do to get out of paying for child support. And the issue with his other child’s mother, that’s crazy! You should be suspicious!
      Feel free to e-mail me directly any time. I look forward to chatting with you!

  17. i havent even had my baby yet and me and the father of my child dont speak unless its about appointments. i love him and want him back but we ended on a really bad note things were said that shouldve never been said and now he has a new girlfriend that already has a child..? how can i make him that im serious about retrying things and that he wont be hurt. we both admitted we made mistakes… is this realtionship better left untouched or should i try and make it work.? and what would be a good way of going about it.

    • First and foremost, congratulations on your impending child! It’s a beautiful experience, and one that helps to bring clarity to any situation.

      As much as you may want to fix the relationship, he has moved on and you need to do the same. It sounds that you both have done your share to hurt each other, and that is something that is not easily resolved. Instead of focusing on the end of the relationship, you should focus on your impending birth and the two of you should focus on being co-parents. If it is meant to be, then the relationship will get back to a place of trust and forgiveness. Until then, you have to move on and move forward.

      Hope this helps! Wishing you the utmost best! 🙂

      • I’m going though the same then I been going back and forward with my daughter father going on two years after we broke up two years ago he with back to his other babymama and then he marry her but he came to my daughter birthday when she was two him and his wife got into it big now he don’t see my daughter at all now that we going back and forward to child support he calls my phone from time to time but the last thing he said to me he don’t want to fight anymore whatever he have to pay he will that’s because he got bust at court yes I am very angry because when he call he don’t have anything to say about our daughter he always say I don’t want anything to do with you his wife plays a part because she don’t want me around him so he can’t be in my daughter life I continue to be mom & dad like I been going on two whole years please tell me what u think I should do

        • You are doing all the right things already, Tan. I applaud you for sticking to your guns. You put him on child support and you are raising your daughter. The only thing that I would suggest that you do is work on the anger that you are experiencing. It is doing no good for you or your daughter, and it is not creating any change whatsoever with the relationship with your baby daddy. In regards to your child’s father and his wife, there is nothing that you can do about her involvement in his lack of involvement with your child. He needs to work on fixing that. In the meanwhile, you need to make it clear that he can only call you if it has something to do with your daughter, otherwise, he needs to stop calling you. Wishing you the utmost best through this experience! Feel free to contact me at 1epicmommy@gmail.com should you ever wish to talk.

  18. Hey 🙂 my baby is 7 month old . her father saw her once by forces . he give me money every month but he doesn’t see her. I wanna my baby to have father but I don’t know what to do?

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your story. I’m sorry to hear that your daughter’s father does not want to physically be a part of your child’s life. However, I am happy to hear that he is contributing financially to her care. Your child’s father has to come to the decision that he wants to physically be in your child’s life. You can’t force him to be in your child’s life. My suggestion to you would be to continue being the best mother you can be for your child – treasure the milestones, bask in the memories, and enjoy all of the moments. Wishing you the utmost best!

  19. Love this! I am too having a hard time, emotionally I am a wreck but can’t say I didn’t see this coming, me and my kids father have been together for almost 7yrs would’ve been in may but we are both fed up with each other..he doesn’t want to change his ways and I can’t be the person he wants me to be which is outrageous if you heard what his “ideal” woman/mom should be lol things are moving faster then I thought, he wants me to move my stuff out of the apartment to make it easier on the both of us which I don’t mind doing as heart broken as i am..I’d rather live on my own and with the amount of support I have I’m not too worried about a place to stay. I am tore up inside because I’m afraid of the un known of being a single mom and having to deal with how things are going to be in the future with us both moving on, how will my kids react when that time comes. Anyway I am also just tired of everyone around me screaming child support in my ear, I don’t want to make an enemy out of him because he is struggling alil bit too so we are going to court to do a parenting plan but idk how to feel about it since it was his idea. He did say he will give what he can month to month. It’s been tough on me though because I feel bad for my kids that we couldn’t even try for them. I tend to over think things lol so that’s why I am everywhere in this post. Not sure what the future holds for my kids and I but I hope I can be a better person & learn again how to be independent for the sake of my kids because they deserve a good life 😊

    • Hi Colleen, thanks for stopping by! It’s tough to go through a breakup and learn how to be a single mom. But trust me, it can be done. I am evidence of that! When I first left my son’s father, I decided against child support; however, the promise of giving money when he can (which didn’t happen at all) was unacceptable, especially when I had to figure out how to financially and emotionally support our child on my own. So I did take him to court for child support, and I haven’t turned back since. You mentioned that your child’s father is going through some hardship right now, and it’s understandable that you’re sympathetic to that; however, don’t let it be to your detriment. Make sure that you receive some financial support for your child, because there is no reason why you should completely be on your own in this. I

      It will be a tough transition, but understand that this is in fact better for your kids. It is better for your children to be around happy parents, than unhappy parents trying to stick it out just for them. Don’t feel guilty about the breakup – your children will be ok. Like you, I overthink things too, and I’m finally finding a place where things are very normal to me. I accept the way that things are, and I happier for it. And my son is happier for it too!

      Lastly, it is all about our children. Stay focused on them, and what’s best for you and for them, and I guarantee you things will turn out okay. Wishing you the utmost best! 🙂

  20. brianka corona says:

    Hello Natasha, your post caught my attention since I am always trying to find ways on bettering the relationship w/ my son father, he told me the only way he will respect or talk to me is by me taking him off child support. I really have been thinking about this for the fact of thinking our relationship will be better. He tells me that he will help with our son, but from past situation and still some situation to this day I don’t believe him. I’m always overthinking everything and feel like I made a bad decision on putting him on. I want to believe what he tells me is true that he will help, I also have told him we can go to court to give him more visitation days but he said he still will not talk to me if he on which is unacceptable with me because if he is going to have our son more often I will like to know how he is doing since he is still a toddler and cant use a cellphone .

    • It’s so horrible that he’s using removal of child support as a tactic to build a co-parenting relationship with you. I would not take the risk that he will do as he says. If he wants to have a relationship with your son, he will make that happen and be there physically and emotionally. I understand that you’re overthinking things, because I do too, but don’t think too hard about this. Your child deserves his father in his life, and financial support should not impact his ability to have that. Continue doing what you’re doing mom, and let your son’s father know that when he’s ready to be in your child’s life that you’ll fully accept the healthy co-parenting relationship. But don’t allow him to manipulate you into removing child support. Hope this helps! Wishing you the utmost best! 🙂

  21. Was on the web and ran across this, My son is 1 and his father decided to leave me when he was 4 months old and I’ve been rasing my son by myself every since. In the beginning i wanted our relationship to work for the sake of our son, but instead he moved on and married in less than a year. My son father had little to no conversation with me after that. Since then his wife have constantly been the driving force behind him to not have a good co parenting relationship for.our son. We’ve argued back and forth soooo manys times. Ive asked him to let her knw to not step in our parenting boundaries reguarding our son. I put him on child support, no payments yet. I only asks him to buy our son diapers and wipes but he says since im on child support now get it from them. Not mention I said he havent paid anything. Im so tired of going thru this, tired of crying. But I knw i have to be strong for my son and continue to be mom and dad.

    • Hi Sharome, it’s so sad to hear that you’re going through this. You’re going through all the steps that I would normally tell someone to do – you put him on child support, you are trying to work towards a healthy co-parenting relationship, and still nothing. At the end of the day, though, you can’t force him to be a parent to your child. Continue to be persistent, both in caring for your child as a solo parent but also persistent in the care deserved by your son from his father. I know it’s downright frustrating going through this, but like you said, you have to continue to be strong for your son. Wishing you the utmost best! xoxoxoxo

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