I’m moving this weekend…

Under normal circumstances, this would be a great sense of joy and excitement for me.  Instead, I’m completely freaking out.  I’m ready to pull my hair out in anxiety and frustration.

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We are getting a larger apartment, as the 1-bedroom apartment is not cutting it anymore. We have completely outgrown the apartment and I don’t have room for anything. I don’t even have room to put up a Christmas tree – now that’s just depressing to me!

It’s well overdue for us to get a larger apartment and I’m looking forward to the move for that reason — more space!

I went to the new apartment complex on Monday to sign the lease and found out that I could push up my move-in date from 12/15 to 12/1. In my haste and excitement, I decided to take the deal. In my haste and excitement yet again, I decided to move this weekend.

What am I…nuts? There is so much to do to get us all packed in just a few days.The mover has already been setup for 9am on Saturday and as I start to look around the apartment to decide how to get started, I feel a ball of panic in the pit of my stomach. I’m somewhat of an organized control freak and it’s driving me a little nuts that I’m not better prepared.

My only saving grace is the fact that Micah will be at his father’s house this weekend, which allows me to stay up all night on Friday and finish packing for Saturday’s move.  I even asked Titi to join in the packing fun and she’ll practically be staying over on Friday night to help me finalize some loose ends.  By the end of the night, I’m sure we’ll be done and I’ll be less panicked than I am right now.

I’m also a bit panicky and anxious because I’m wondering if I’m making the right move.  Definitely, this apartment is the best deal in the area, and I want to stay in the area.  But will we be ok? Will I be able to sustain the costs in maintaining this apartment? Will I have to get a 2nd job to ensure that things will be ok? Am I going nuts?

I have laid out every possible option, and this is the best option for numerous reasons.  However, I am completely nervous about the move.  I think I’ll be a little less crazy at the end of January when I’ve made my first month’s rent and the heating/electric bill.  Until then, I’ll probably be a complete wreck.

Is anyone out there like me? Are you an organized control freak that drives yourself nuts with the details? Please share! I want to be sure that I’m not alone in the nuttiness! 

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