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Once upon a time, I really wanted to have twins. I wanted to have two kids in one shot, as I knew in my heart of hearts, I would probably not have any more children. Don’t get me wrong – I would love to have more, but I just have a hard time imagining it. I realized that having twins was tough, but I just loved the beauty of them growing together and sharing life together. So I was excited when Aunesty wanted to share this great post all about her 8-month old twins! Read her guest post below…
When I was pregnant and told people that I was pregnant with twin boys, I almost never got the reactions that I was expecting. I was expecting people to ‘oohh’ and ‘aaahh’ over the fact that two perfect little human beings were being created and formed inside of my body. While some people did marvel with me over the miracle of creation times two, most looked horrified and sorry for me when I told them I was having twins; making comments like “I pity you”, “I wouldn’t want to be you”, and “I feel sorry for you”. Now that my boys are eight months old and we are out running errands we encounter these same types of comments, and needless to say I get a little bit offended.
I get offended because although twins are A LOT of work (can we say sleep deprivation?), they are also a lot of fun and bring me more joy than I had ever anticipated, and in the long run the positive will always outweigh the tougher moments of twindom. 
So to all those soon to be parents of twins out there, I am going to share some of the joys that come with twins, and some of the rough patches too.

You will be up 24/7

You are probably expecting to be pretty exhausted with two newborns but what you don’t know is that you will be beyond exhausted. You will be so tired that you might become angry (I did) or weepy (me again) or so sleepy you won’t be able to sleep. Twins are a full time job times a billion trillion and although they are the same age and came from the same womb at almost the same time, they are two completely different people, and you might end up with and early bird and a night owl like I did. But, take heart, because eventually you will be able to get some, not a lot, of sleep. 
You will be pooped on and peed on more times than you can count.
This, my friends, is pretty self explanatory. Especially if you have boys. 

Showers will become a luxury.

Take some now for the heck of it, cause after your babies get here showers become carefully planned and scheduled events.

You will change so many diapers your fingers will bleed.

Not really, but it’ll feel like they are.

You will fall in love not once, but TWICE.

Your whole life will change for the better times two.

You will get twice the smiles, hugs, and kisses.

This is one of my favorite parts of being a mom of multiples.

You get to watch your babies discover each other and become best friends.

One of my other favorite parts.
You get to listen to them talk to each other in baby language.
This is awesome. I am doing this right now.

You get to be twice as excited when they hit developmental milestones.

I throw a party in my head every time one of my guys does something awesome. #teamwecancrawl

You discover something new about yourself everyday.

Yup. This. I have learned that my heart has a capacity to love far more than I ever thought it could, and I am way stronger than I ever knew. 

My twins have opened my eyes to the world around me, have grown me, and continue to grow me in ways that I never thought possible. Twins are awesome and worth every bit of work.

Aunesty hails from Denver, Co and is the mom to 8 month old twin boys who keep her on her toes. She loves all things artsy, sparkly, and authentic, and is chronicling her life, and the small wonders that make her heart leap through her blog She only posts pics of her babies on Instagram @offshoresavage. 
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  1. Our daughters are 15 months apart, with the oldest being almost 3yrs. As our 3-year-old learns more English the 19 month old also learns out of a desire to communicate with her. Their made-up language is starting to get phased out and it really is bittersweet. I miss it.

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