On occasion, I have a moment or two where I miss my mom. She moved to Florida about 2 months ago.  Although I miss her at times, I fully realize that our relationship is so much better when we have some distance between us.  

In the meanwhile, I have an awesome support system in my friends, who have become family to me these past couple of years.  And they’ve loved Micah from the minute that they laid eyes on him, and it only continues to grow every moment.  

Two weekends ago, Micah and I took the ride with Titi and Momo to drop Naynay back to college.  They usually take the drive on Sundays, and since Micah and I weren’t doing anything, I decided it was time to see Naynay’s college apartment.  We had been talking about me visiting her college for a year now and it just never happened until now.  

We had tons of fun on the drive there and back, laughing along the way about all kinds of things.  Plus, Naynay really wanted to see Micah, so it was a great opportunity for him to bond with her.  As you can see, he kept a tight hold on her when we were leaving, almost like he knew that we were leaving Naynay there. 

These ladies have been through thick and thin…when I’ve needed them, they have always been there.  And I feel blessed to know them and to be so close to this family!

Good things tend to happen when we’re around each other.  For instance, Micah showed us that he learned something new — he can relay messages.  As Naynay was unpacking her luggage in her bedroom, we all sat in the living room just chitchatting.  We told Micah to tell Naynay to hurry up and come into the living room to talk to us.  He ran off and told Naynay just that.  She sent him with a message for us — 5 minutes!  He came running over with a sly grin on his face, but didn’t say anything.  I asked him, “Micah, what did Naynay say?” He responds with his little palm up in the air, “5 minutes!”  

We clapped happily with wonder; we all tried to figure out when he learned to relay messages.  It was quite a surprise for me! It just goes to show how quickly Micah is growing up and how great it is to have people around us that love us so dearly!

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