Balancing the Juggling Act Called Life

Social Media Sunday #7
Social Media Sundays!

Recently, I was asked a question that I honestly didn’t know how to answer…

How do you balance everything?

Single parenting
Working full-time

Attending graduate school


I honestly have no freaking clue.  

The clear answer is that I really just get it done.  I sleep very little and I socialize even less.  My focus is on just the day-to-day.  I could say that I have a routine, but honestly, I just fit in a little of everything whenever I can.  

However, I have sat down and come up with a few things that has honestly helped me get through each day – let’s call it my routine, for lack of a better word.

  1. Prepare as much as you can the night before.

Once upon a time, I remember waking up in the morning, taking a long, luxurious shower, eating breakfast, getting dressed, and heading off to work.  There was no prep work that had to be done.  I had all this spare time to get so much done that I didn’t even have to rush to get to work.  I knew I would get there on time. Of course, this was before Micah was born.  

Now, everything is timed precisely.  Nowadays, I have just enough time to take a 5-minute shower before Micah realizes that I’m no longer in the bed and awakens to come looking for me.  Once he’s up, everything seems to slow down completely.  Now that he’s in school, there’s only so much time that we have to get ourselves ready before heading out the door.

Therefore, prepping at night is very important for us. Depending on the day, we can arrive home anywhere between 5 pm and 7pm.  The earlier the better because it gives me some wiggle room to play with Micah, watch his shows with him, read a book, and head to the blog for a little bit.  

Bath time is promptly at 8pm every night.  It works out perfectly because Dora plays from 7-8pm and with his addiction to Dora, he primarily focuses on absorbing every bit of information from the show.  That allows me time to get dinner cooked, set aside lunch for him for the next day, choose and iron his clothes, and select my clothes and shoes for the next day.  I lay everything out for the morning and prepare his bath.  By the time Dora ends, we’re ready for a bath.  During bath time, we practice tons of stuff – numbers, colors, alphabet, and so much more!  Then it’s off to relax on the sofa for a little bit before bed time at 9pm.

2.  Don’t waste all your momentum – spread it out a little bit!

Ah, the beauty of scheduling posts on your blog…I love it! 

At any given time, I have at least 5 posts that I’m working on.  I try to work on a little bit every day (during work lunches and breaks) and also at night after Micah falls asleep. Then, I can schedule them out throughout the weeks and always have something on my blog at any given point.  

Also, I love daily themes, so it helps to plan how my week will look.

Right now, I have a few themes (and blog hops) on my blog, including:

  • What’s For Lunch Mommy? Wednesdays and Sundays
  • Sponsor Spotlight – Saturdays
  • Guest Posts – Thursday
  • Turn It Up Tuesdays blog hop – Tuesdays
  • This Momma’s Meandering Mondays – Mondays
  • My Favorite Posts SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party – Friday
  • Social Media Sundays – Sundays
Yeah, I know it’s a lot, but it helps to keep posts on my blog and allow me time to finish some of my other posts that reflects life at home.  Before I took on some of these themes and blog hops, there would be times that an entire week went by without any posts.  I really didn’t feel comfortable with that because I had so much to say but so little time. 

The same goes for everyday life — why try to do everything in one day when you can stretch it out in a few days.  Another tip I’ve learned from experience. You’ll be able to remember and appreciate so much more. 

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff – it will get done eventually!

At some point, you will forget something…I know I always do.  It’s been 3 weeks since I took my son for a haircut. I keep meaning to do it but just keep forgetting until I walk through the door at home and take off his hat lol.  But he’s fine; it’s not shabby or anything, I just wanted to keep up with getting it done.

But hey, you can’t have a nervous breakdown because of it – well, unless you forget to pick up your child from daycare or school or something like that (no, that’s never happened to me, but that would be reason for panic in my eyes).  

If it’s not a major emergency or crisis, don’t make it into one. Everything will get done eventually.

I’m not a wiz at this at all – it took me a LONG time to realize this little tip, but learning to accept this made my life 10 times easier and more fulfilling.  I stopped focusing on every little small thing that was going on in my life and started putting my energy into the big things that really make a difference.

4. Carve out time just for you.

I know how this sounds…I mean, when the heck can you get spare time! But even if it means taking a shower longer than 5 minutes and shaving your armpits and legs, enjoy those few minutes.  Take advantage of those extra minutes just for you. 

Carving out time does not always have to mean that you get 6 hours one evening to go out with your girlfriends.  It would be great to do, but you have to enjoy the extra minutes until those rare occasions where you are able to go out and have fun. I know I do!

5. Make the boring stuff fun!

I have never been a fan of cooking; I tend to cook out of necessity, not because I enjoy it.  That has definitely changed drastically since Micah was born.  I feel the desire to make fun and healthy meals for me and Micah.  

Therefore, I had to make it fun.  Micah and I have tons of fun getting messy and working together to fix a meal. Even if the meal is just some nuggets and french fries, he is my little helper.  I cut the potatoes; he will lay it on the cookie sheet. I put the french fries in the oven; he throws out the potato skin.  

It just makes the entire process fun and easier.  Plus, we get some much needed quality time together.  I can’t really complain about that. I hope that this will instill a love of cooking for Micah that will last a lifetime.   

And those are just some of the tips that I use to allow me to manage this juggling act called life.  Hope it will help you as well!


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