Someone to Love Me: A Poem to My Newborn Son

I just found a poem that I wrote to Micah when he was first born.  

We were in the hospital and I was laying on the bed watching him sleep in his bed.  It inspired me to write this poem to him.  I wrote it on a tiny piece of paper that I had next to the bed.  Shortly thereafter, I fell asleep and never found that piece of paper again.

I almost thought that it was lost forever.  I’m so happy to have found it.

Now I can share it with you…

Someone to Love Me:

A Poem to My Newborn Son

Every day I wished that I could have someone to love me for just me

To love me, appreciate me, unconditionally

I thought I needed a man to do this for me

Until you were born…

You inspire me to do better in life, if not for me, then just for you

You uplift me with your smile when I am feeling down

You drive me to live and be happy

Who would have known that the one thing I thought I did not want or need

Would be the one thing to make my life absolutely complete

My son, my joy, my happiness, my blessing – one day you will understand the depths of my unconditional love

Now I can truly say that I am living and loving life…

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