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How to Better Your Child’s Self Image Through Fun {Guest Post}

Believe it or not, kids as young as five are concerned about their self-image. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel healthy just as long as it does not become an obsession or hurt your child in any way. Keep in mind that a poor self-image could cause low-esteem. There is no need to worry about that, because you have the power to help your child's self-image with the following effective and fun activities. Yoga for Kids You might be thinking yoga is just a fad and that there is … [Read more...]

Meditation: Teach Your Children in 6 Easy Steps {Guest Post}

It is commonly known that meditation is an extremely beneficial practice. But did you know, that meditation is also beneficial for children? So profound are the benefits of meditation for children that schools across the US have started to replace detention with meditation.  The practice of meditation with children can and should start from the home. At, we encourage parents to teach their children meditation from an early age as they can benefit tremendously from … [Read more...]

Party Time: 5 Tips For Saving Money On Your Child’s Birthday {Guest Post}

When it comes to your child's birthday party, like every parent, you want the absolute best. A child's birthday party is a very special time for both the child and the family, and it's a great opportunity to throw a fun and creative event for family and friends. Parents want to give their child a party that will be memorable, but it's very easy to overspend as all the costs that go into a party can add up quickly. Luckily, there are some simple ways to save money when it comes to throwing a … [Read more...]

Single Moms: 5 Careers that will Help you Provide for your Family {Guest Post}

Holding down a career while raising children is a huge challenge for any working parent, but as a single mom the challenge is even greater. You need a job that allows complete flexibility so that you can give your kids the attention and care they need while still completing your work and providing for your family. Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing programs allow for bloggers to make commissions on sales through links from their blog posts to the affiliate's website. One of the … [Read more...]

Making Your Children into Tomorrow’s Movers and Shakers {Guest Post}

Everyone wants children to be successful, well-balanced adults when they leave home. But have society's expectations or the children's own expectations sold them short of fulfilling their dreams of being the world's next movers and shakers? How do parents and other highly influencing adults in their lives position kids to be the great people of tomorrow? Influencers should teach, reinforce and follow up on some significant concepts that will set kids up for success in whatever area they choose … [Read more...]

Navigating My Ten-Year-Olds Plea for A Smart Phone {Guest Post}

When my ten-year-old came to me recently and asked me for a smart phone, it was the first time in a while that I was stumped. While my knee-jerk response was to deny her, I had to stop myself and ask myself why I felt this way. It would be hypocritical for me to say there’s no use for a smart phone, as I use mine every day, and it’s not uncommon for children as young as 4 to be using smart devices. But at the same time would be fair to deny her simply because of views that may be based in … [Read more...]

Finding balance as a mom is not easy for anyone {Guest Post}

I’ve felt split in half for a very long time. Somewhere in between meeting deadlines for work and getting my kids to school, sometimes I wonder if I am in there at all. Or what kind of mother I would be if I didn’t work. Would my kids have more of my undivided attention? Because I just feel so divided, and inadequate and kind of sort of very scared. I’m coming to find out I’m not the only mom with insecurities. What I Learned I’ve talked to plenty of twin moms, single moms, MD moms, moms … [Read more...]

Tips to Help Kids Get Excited About STEM Subjects {Guest Post}

In 2009, The U.S. Department of Education adopted the concept of STEM Education to create a curriculum that encompasses the four disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Instead of teaching the four separately, school systems around the country integrate them into nearly every subject, ensuring that students receive exposure to these fields and how they apply to various aspects of the real world. It is important that students are eager to explore these realms of … [Read more...]

Get Ready to Say “Cheese”: 4 Beauty Tips for Family Pictures {Guest Post}

Getting everyone together for a big family picture can take time and planning. The logistics may seem daunting, but making sure everyone looks their best doesn’t have to be. Follow some of these tips for the whole family to create a beautiful family memory. Prepare for a Fresh Look Make sure all members of the family are well rested when it’s time to show up for family pictures. Hydration is key; especially in older adults. Dehydrated skin looks more tired and lacks a glow that airbrushing … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Make Your Own Version of Drinking Water {Guest Post}

It is appreciative to learn that for the past 3 years in the US, water or drinking water outweighed soda. Well, it’s been the reigning top beverage for the past 20 years according to Healthy-foods and now it waved its last hurrah! It is not that easy to break America’s love affair with soda, but it is fitting that the drinking water finally break it! Water is calorie free and definitely cost-effective. It also flushes out toxins, boosts immune system, improves your skin complexion, and … [Read more...]