How to Help Your Kids Keep Their Minds and Bodies Healthy {Guest Post}

When raising kids, it's easy to get so focused on one area of improvement that you forget about the whole package. Here are just a few ways to boost your children's physical, mental and emotional health without leaving anything out. Make Fitness Fun If your child doesn't want to exercise, the problem is that the exercise isn't fun enough. You never hear a kid saying something like, "Gosh, I'd love to go swimming, but I'm afraid I'm just not fit enough." If the activity excites them, they'll … [Read more...]

Turn It Up Tuesday #189

Welcome to a new week on Turn It Up Tuesday everyone! Thank you for sharing all of your amazing posts with us last week! Thank you for celebrating, remembering, and honoring fallen service members last week with our Memorial Day post of Turn It Up Tuesday. This week, we'll be celebrating the great outdoors as June is National Great Outdoors Month! Coincidentally, June is also National Safety Month - so be sure to be safe with your everyday activities and even more so when you head outdoors this … [Read more...]

10 Activities for a Single Mom to Pursue in Her Spare Time {Guest Post}

Image via: Single moms, how often have you heard yourself or your gal pals say, “But there’s just no time to do all that!” We thought about this a great deal and decided to list all the things that any single mom can do in a little bit of spare time when her toddler is asleep or at play. Single moms, you simply must make time for yourselves to have some fun, and do something to keep that chin up. Take a look at these 10 … [Read more...]

Turn It Up Tuesday #188

Welcome to a new week on Turn It Up Tuesday everyone! Thank you for sharing all of your amazing posts with us last week! Today is Memorial Day, and we are celebrating, remembering, and honoring our military service members. This week, we'd love for you to share posts about Gratitude - what you are thankful and grateful for, posts focused on gratitude and inspiration, ideas on celebrating Memorial Day, and much more! We'd like to thank you in advance for partying with us and sharing all of … [Read more...]

5 Tips For Single Moms Dealing With Troubled Kids {Guest Post}

Single parenting isn’t a job for the faint of heart. There’s no question that single moms love their children and would do it all over again for them. Although, there are times when being a single parent can feel like an impossible task. Single moms need to be everything, all of the time. Food, cleaning, work, child care, bath time, bedtime, single moms get it all done along with their own work. However, it can be incredibly hard when children hit a rocky phase in life. Growing from toddler … [Read more...]

Turn It Up Tuesday #187

Welcome to a new week on Turn It Up Tuesday everyone! We apologize for the short hiatus these past few weeks, but we're pleased to be back this week! We'd like to thank you in advance for partying with us and sharing all of your amazing posts with us - we LOVE checking them all out!  If you've been here before, thank you for coming back!  And if you're new here...welcome! Feel free to share, share, share! We love having you! Turn It Up Tuesdays is all about being happy, excited, … [Read more...]

Sensational Subjects: How to Make History Interesting for Your Kids {Guest Post}

For many kids, the thought of history lessons brings back nightmares of trying to stay awake during class and memorizing a 1000 names and dates. Frankly, the dislike is probably from the way the subject is taught. In truth, history does not have to be boring or filled with mindless recollection. It can be a fun and exciting adventure with each lesson learned. Here are some things that you and your child can do: Visit a Museum Visiting a museum is always a great way to learn about history. Not … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

First and foremost, Happy Mother's Day to all of you EPIC moms!!! Hope you have an amazing day and your families give you the love and appreciation that you all deserve! Mother's Day is the day where I'm most acutely aware of my solo motherhood status, and whereas in the past it would have brought me some level of stress and worry, I can now reflect back on the short time that I have been a mom and really revel in and appreciate the beauty of it all. Motherhood is an amazing journey for … [Read more...]

Cultured Kids: Teaching Your Children about Patriotism and Diversity {Guest Post}

Patriotism can be a tricky topic. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of the country in which you live, but some people take things to extremes. Unfortunately, those actions have led many individuals to equate patriotism with having undesirable traits. The founding fathers sought to instill this in the mind of the American people when our country was formed. If you are a parent, it's important to teach your child to love the country in which they live. It is just as important, … [Read more...]

How Parents Can Teach Children the Value of a College Education {Guest Post}

These days, it is almost impossible to find a job without a college degree. This is generally true whether you are looking for work at a Fortune 500 company or looking for work as a cashier at a grocery store. Therefore, parents need to do whatever it takes to convince their children that going to college is going to be worth the investment of time and money. Talk about Earnings A college education may literally pay off for those who choose to get their degree. On average, those who go to … [Read more...]