Of all the things I’ve lost… A List of Things That I Lost While Parenting {Guest Post} | Epic Mommy Adventures

Of all the things I’ve lost… A List of Things That I Lost While Parenting {Guest Post}

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I’ve lost a lot of things as a parent.
Yet, of all the things I’ve lost, there is one I miss the most.

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Of all the things I’ve lost…(while parenting!)


1. My Sense Of Style.

Not that it was all that FABULOUS to begin with, but at least I had a little bit. Now, I’m lucky if I put a bra on and a shirt that is stain free.


2. My Energy.

I used to be able to go go go! Stay up all night, drinking RedBull and Mt. Dew plus go to work the next day! Now, I go to bed tired, I wake up tired and I am tired all day long!

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3. My Privacy.

I used to be able to get dressed alone. I used to be able to take long, leisurely showers. I used to be able to close the bathroom door. Now, chaos ensues in a click of the door handle!


4. My Hair.

It is literally coming out. Falling out, being pulled out, turning gray. You name it, it’s happening. My hair is not my hair any more. Now, it is Mom Hair.

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5. My Freedom.

I used to be spontaneous! I used to run off at the drop of a hat. I used to go on impromptu road trips. Now, everything must be planned out or it doesn’t happen.

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But, the thing I miss the most.



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Even with the things that I have lost, I wouldn’t change it.

I love my kids.

At least, I don’t think I would. *shifty eyes*

Nah, I wouldn’t change it!


What have you lost while parenting?



unnamed (10)Echo is a wife, a mother of two and a blogger that is trying to save the last shreds of sanity, one blog post at a time! She blogs about life, parenting and everything in between!

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  1. HAHAH! My favorite is “Mom hair…” LOL gosh the things I’ve lost/losing seems to be piling up on a monthly basis! But really- I was wondering what the heck was happening to my hair. It’s just transforming- sad.

  2. My sanity and my privacy! I mentioned somewhere Frank and I getting up an hour earlier in the morning just to have coffee in silence!

  3. Thank you so much for letting me guest post, Natasha!

  4. Hahaha.. I love you two. The article is very funny and the pictures more.. They say a thousand words .. I love the meandering part below as well.. You two have my vote !

  5. What a great post, Echo! It’s scary how accurate this really is…

  6. haha! Mom hair! Sanity!
    Sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom and blast George Michael’s freedom on my phone.

  7. i’m not a parent yet, but this is so fun to read. great way to put humor on otherwise “brutal” truth. 🙂

  8. Yep Sounds about right. Sanity doesn’t stick around long after the first. Losing hair is a good thing because I never have time to brush it or fix it anyway. 🙂 LOL GREAT post!

  9. All of these are so true! While my kids are older (6th and 11th grades) I still have many of these same losses! What I wouldn’t give to be able to go to the bathroom without someone calling my name!

    Thanks for a great post and a giggle or two!


  10. I love this!! I wouldn’t change any of it either, but I do feel that I am losing my mind!! LOL. Thanks for another great post!!


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